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Graduation.....Friends Forever

I feel like I am a dog. Not in a bad way, wait and read the metaphor. So I feel like I am a dog and I have been chasing this car for three years. With each passing day I get closer and closer to catching it. Now, I have finally caught the car. I am standing in the middle of a street with its bumper in my mouth. What on earth do I do now?

I have graduated. I have a Master's of Journalism. I am done with graduate school. I went for 3 years part-time, worked full-time and was top of my class. I did it.

Graduation itself wasn't quite a blur. My parents and I got there super early. I was in the basement of the Liacouras Center right on time. Unfortunately I missed out on the Shoe Cam (#TUGradShoes) where they took professional photos of your feet before graduating. I was bummed because I got a special Cherry and White pedicure for the occasion. Such is life.

Alexa caught up with me and we started to process in. I am guessing that the feelings you get walking into the Center with ov…


Editing the News II, I had a really crucial interview with a local historian for my audio slideshow project. I made a reservation for a voice recorder and mic from the equipment center. The equipment center HATES grad students. My reservation never went through. Four hours before my interview was set to start, I borrowed a co-workers car, drove to Staples and bought my own voice recorder and then went to Best Buy and bought a microphone. The interview was one of the best ones I ever had and my subject was perfect.

Same class, I had a video project due. This time, the equipment center came through. Except they don't charge their camcorder batteries and if your video cam kit doesn't have a charger, you are out of luck. I had about an hour or so of life left before the camera would die. I needed multiple hours because I had a lot of content to record. So in a panic, I scoured the city and found a universal battery charger for the Canon video camera (actually all Canons ever). I r…