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The Time Has Come/I've Arrived!!!

It finally happened. It took a year and a half. There was a lot of tears. I ate horrible things. I drank...a lot. I sat on my roof and looked to the sky thinking there has got to be more than life than this. I wrote about existing instead of living. I got rejected...A LOT. I got my hopes up and watched them crash and burn. I felt stuck. It was an awful feeling. 

Then I got unstuck. Nothing is at random. 

I finally have a full-time paid journalism job. I'm going to be the Social and Digital Media Manager for the health system I currently work for. The ENTIRE health system. I'm going Corporate! 

The process took a little over a month. It felt like forever during the wait but now it seems like everything happened quickly. I applied, was the first interviewed. Waited for the rest of the applicants to go through. I checked back. I got a 2nd interview. I got an HR audition. They called me with an offer that afternoon. I accepted. 

This new position will be a major life upgrade to me. I …