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2015: A Year in Review

Per tradition, I post a year recap close to New Years. Well, this time it is with about 20 min left of 2015 but I'm pretty sure I'll make the cutoff before 2016. 

January: I set off to make this to be the year where I would "have the courage to change the things I can." I took inventory of the things I wanted to change, things I thought would bring me happiness and I set out with a plan to change them. The year started off rough, after a high school friend suffered an unspeakable tragedy, an accident that took the lives of her two sisters, her niece, nephew, sister's unborn child and other sister's boyfriend. I can't imagine what she went through, but it set me off. I felt immense grief and hopelessness for days. It was all for her and her family and I know my feelings are a fraction of what they felt, but it made me think this year was going to be awful. That and my neighbors were getting on my nerves and I was in desperate need of a new job. 

February: As…

Little Moments

An end-of-the-year review is due, but I'll save that for another week or so. My blogging has been less frequent due to my continued demanding work/life schedule. Longer days, less hours to do the things I need to do and being a dog mom. This morning as I hustled to get myself ready for work, I laughed thinking how there was no way I would be able to be a functional human parent. My kids would never be on time for anything. 
To cope with the stress of it all, I've been doing yoga every other day and running. I'm noticing the yoga has improved my mindfulness. Like just yesterday as I was in the middle of the practice, I looked around my living room and noticed a few things for the first time. Like how the bottom ring of my grandfather's Irish flag was rusted or how there was a little bug, dead, trapped in my ceiling light. These things seem innocuous but I felt aware, like in the moment. That was the important thing. 
As 2015 comes to a close, I'm trying to be mindful …