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Life and Death

Yesterday was a particularly difficult day. I woke up in a great mood. I had some great dreams the night before. I proceeded to do what I do just about every morning...check my phone for the news, Twitter, Facebook and my TimeHop. Within seconds my good mood turned to fear, then shock and disbelief. 

A member of my high school forensics team posted a really sad status regarding his daughter and his daughter's mother. After a little digging and news story hunting I learned the gut-wrenching truth: there was a really bad accident and it claimed five lives. I knew two of them. 

Also a member of my high school forensics team as well as student government and many committees is Ebony. She was our valedictorian. She is one of three sisters. Her mother worked at my dentist. Her older sister was always nice when I spoke to her. Her younger sister was on the forensics team. I remember when her younger sister was pregnant with her first child. I enjoyed trolling Facebook and watching this lit…

Good Luck Bad Luck Dumb Luck No Luck

On New Year's Day I made black eyed peas and baked fish. While doing the dishes after my "lucky" January 1st meal, I managed to slice open my pinky finger on the black eyed peas can lid. By slice I mean my finger went straight down on it, causing a nice incision on the back of the finger. I bled for quite awhile. My joke was...does this mean I jinxed the black eyed peas luck or do I get extra luck for making a blood pact?

If the first week of 2015 is my answer...I jinxed it. Work has been brutal. We're entering another crazy cycle of move ins and move outs in rapid fashion. I've been getting headaches daily. I have been eating green smoothies on the regular and I made it to the gym three times this week. But I still feel pretty run down. Also everyone in the office is getting hit by this plague. It is an upper respiratory virus. It's been attacking my coworkers one by one. I'm doing what I can to stay healthy but it is only a matter of time before I get hi…