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Weddings and Funerals

What. A. Week.

Last post I claimed sweet relief as I scrambled to fix a graduate school situation that could have prevented me from graduating (stupid scheduling/credit crap). Now, a week after that debacle, I feel kind of whiplashed. Not quite pistol whipped by life, because I feel a mixture of joy, sadness, excitement and pure exhaustion.

My parents arrived on Friday evening for my cousin Erin's wedding which was held on Saturday. Of course it snowed on Saturday morning which was great for Erin who wanted a snowy wedding but not so great for the Rodabaugh's as we tried (and almost failed) to navigate the pinelined streets of New Jersey. We reached the church in the nick of time, catching the beginning of the procession in. The wedding was nice, Erin looked stunning, and it was a Catholic mass so I knew all the responses. I finally learned those new ones (that have been in place for about 3 years now).

After the wedding we traversed the snowlaiden streets to the reception. W…

As the Dust Settles

You know in the movies when there is some high tension moment and the main character has just seconds to disarm a bomb, or jump onto a train, or rescue someone from a burning building? Life can be like that sometimes. In the middle of a an acute crisis (because let's face it...we never really get advanced warning when a crisis hits) many people panic. I know I do, I start freaking out, cursing out inanimate objects, and picturing the end of the world.

Then it stops. I breathe. The resolve to make it through sets in. I remember when I was hospitalized for my gallbladder surgery. My best friend came to visit me and said "you're very calm." I was. It was at the point where I was hospitalized and I couldn't do a damn thing about any of it. I typically freak out before and after the storm, but in the thick of it, I am focused. Sometimes that makes me wonder if I'd be a good EMT. But I'm bad at math and you need to inject a lot of fluids sometimes.

Regardless o…

I Have A Dream...

...That I Will No Longer Be Sick.

It is Monday, MLK day, normal people are off from work and school day. I'm at work and I'm still sick. This is day 5. I went from sore throat, to runny nose, to stuffy clogged nose, to painful breathing/coughing, to slightly better breathing/coughing to stuffy nose again. I've taken Dayquil, Nyquil, Mucinex, Cold Ezzz, Antibiotics, my inhaler, Halls cough drops, Benadryll...just about every cold/flu/allergy/sinus/cough drug you can think off. Obviously not at the same time..but the only thing that seems to be helping ever so slightly is the antibiotics. I can breathe without pain now, a much needed improvement from Saturday.

It felt like a less dramatic version of those medical shows where the patient is about to die and the doctor can give the patient medicine x or medicine y. They give the patient medicine x and hope for the best and BOOM it miraculously cures them in the nick of time! I think I saw that on House once. Anyway, that is wh…

First Cold of the New Year

As I sit at my desk I wonder about the vague possibility of dying right here in my office today because I feel like crap. My throat feels like I'm swallowing barb wire, my nose feels like there is lead inside of it, and my head feels like it could explode like an over inflated balloon.

Much to my chagrin I forgot to take my coconut oil today and I'm planning on taking swings of Dayquill every 4 hours. I'm glad I didn't call out of work today because guess who else is feeling under the weather and is working through it? My boss.

I blame the erratic weather patterns, the runny nosed children and potentially my one tiny client who had a fever the other day. Nothing I can do but pump meds into my body and wait it out, hoping the duration of my duress is only a few days. Some important things are coming up that I just can't be sick for. (So pretentious, I know "I just CAN'T be SICK for xyz")

Main Course magazine launches today. I can be sick for that, actu…

10 Things I Learned From a 7 Day Detox

As you may have previously read, I embarked the New Year (Jan 2-Jan 8th) on a 7 Day Detox/Cleanse. For 7 days I ate nothing but fruits and vegetables. I allowed myself 3 servings of fruits, unlimited amounts of veggies. I could drink water and decaffeinated tea. I was not allowed sugar except for what naturally occurs in fruits. I was not allowed oils, butters, dairy, alcohol, candy, not even a stick of gum. What I could have beyond the fruits and veggies was a serving of protein halfway through (salmon for me) and towards the end (fried egg white). I followed this regimen religiously and here are 10 things I learned:

1. Prior to the cleanse, I did not eat enough vegetables....not even close
Day 1 and 2, I ate green smoothies for breakfast. My smoothie consisted of juice from half a lemon, an apple, a cup of frozen strawberries, two cups of fresh spinach, and water. During the cleanse I played around with variations. I will say the chard, kale smoothie was gross and the smoothie with c…

Holy Mother of Cold!

Holy Mother of COLD. I thought the news and the weather people were just giving us a warning to dress warmly...but then they got all IF YOU GO OUTSIDE AND YOU ARE NOT COVERED UP YOU OR YOUR EXPOSED LIMBS WILL DIE!!!!

They weren't kidding.

Last night when I took the trash out, I had to post a note for UPS and within one minute I couldn't feel my hand! This morning I looked just like Randy from "A Christmas Story." As I tried to pull my hair out of my infinity scarf I encountered so much difficulty that I almost let my hair sit half in/half out afro style.

The commute was ok until I hit the EL. The platform was over crowded, as was the train when it arrived. I managed to get a seat when a girl got off at the next stop but ended up sandwiched between a cop and my tired looking seatmate. Then came the five block walk to work. Head down, breathing the warm air in my scarf, I pressed on...trying to keep my hood up enough for warmth but down enough so I could see. All the …