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PinStaTwitterBook - Bucket Lists of Summer '12

Ever since I finished my first year of graduate school, I find that I have a lot of time on my hands. Since I spent months reading 100+ pages a week, writing little essays to prove to my professors I read the content, learning about Twitter, reporting on local stories, memorizing every country and capital in the entire world, spending 6+ hours creating double trucks, and working a full time job....I feel the need to fill that time with something that will enrich my life.

Sadly, Happy Hours with coworkers don't count...because that has been the latest trend. That, and looking back at Summer '11 and how miserable I was. I had 2 friends, I spent a lot of time alone, and I was sad all the time. This summer, I've been hitting up happy hours, cultural events, free concerts and every weekend gets booked with fun activities both with friends and solo before it even arrives. I've become quite the social butterfly again and I love it.

In addition to a very alive social life, I…