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There seems to be unrest wherever I go. First I have the restlessness of my own heart, dying to spend 8-9 hours a day sweating out creativity. Then, I have my current work environment which has fallen into a state of chaos. Today my dear work friend threatened to quit and I've heard at least three employees mutter curses under their breath. It's not even 11am yet. Then we have the unrest of the world. All eyes are on Baltimore. Facebook feeds are inundated with opinionated posts. Some plead compassion for our fellow man. Some are blatant and racist. Some are just asking for prayers. Some are threatening to unfriend those who think differently. 

As I browsed through Twitter last night with the #BaltimoreRiots trending, I began to think wow...this is just going to keep happening, isnt it? Every time a black kid or man or person, really...gets killed by the law...people are going to protest. I'm not saying that is right or wrong. Everyone has the right to an opinion. These eve…

We Run This

Well folks, I'm staying in Broad Street. That's right in a little over a week I'm going to run (and let's face it walk a little) 10 whole miles with 40,000 other runners and my friend Erin (who is in way better shape than me). I've never done a race like this before. Training didn't go so well due to weather and major life changes (let's move to a new apartment and get a dog in the dead of winter, shall we?) But I'm staying in. I'm going to do it. My legs will be taped up with KT tape and my calves will be comfortably compressed with my compression sleeves that say "Run Happy." I'm going to carry a piece of paper in my pocket that reads "MY PR IS TO FINISH" and hold it up whenever I need extra encouragement. I'm going to hold my fingers up to mark every mile. I'm going to do this. 
I have to admit I'm pretty excited. My goal is to finish in 2:20. I'll take 2:30 if I have to but if I go over 2:30, I'm going …

When is a Change Gonna Come?

I miss graduate school. I felt like I was working toward something. Now I just feel like I'm waiting for something. There is a certain element of satisfaction you get when you are actively working toward a goal. You can see the tangible progress. You know you're getting closer to an accomplishment. But when you're waiting for something to happen, you have no choice but to distract yourself with other, little goals and wait. You're static. You sit. You wait. You hope and then lose hope and then hope again because it feels better than being hopeless.

I've been in survival mode lately. I think I've just about adjusted to dog mom life. I know Bronx's needs and I meet them accordingly. He's a great dog and even though he exhausts me sometimes, I totally can't picture life without him now. I'm so glad I rescued him and based on the intensity of his affections, he's pretty glad too.

The survival comes from battling spring sickies and trying to kee…