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The MisAdventures of MA

Groupon. I love it. I'm cheap as crap. As a social worker in the poor urban jungle, I make enough money but not enough where I can afford extravagant things. Which is why if I want my hair did, or my nails painted, or to go on a trip somewhere, I rely on Groupon, Living Social, Eversave and Deal You.

Which is why when a $45 cut, blow dry and color Groupon popped up I jumped at the opportunity. I've been dying my hair a Medium Chestnut Brown for the past few months. I love it but the color fades quickly, and I think salon color might last longer. Plus girlfriend needs to cover up her five-head with some bangs. So after researching the website and the Yelp reviews, I decided to go for it!

Today I went to schedule my appointment. I'm flying down to Ashville, NC in late August to visit a bestie of mine, so I wanted to look good. Welp, an African American lady answered the phone. I was like "oh shit."

Why do you ask was I like oh shit? Because after more research it…