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Chicken, Beer, and the Beach

Cedar Island is still a magical place to me. It is an island where tourists have never ventured to since a) they don't know it exists and b) you need a boat to get there. It is truly a locals beach. Everyone usually knows everyone. On one side of the beach is the creek but just a short walk to the other side and you can play in the waves of the Atlantic Ocean. There are over a million shells to collect and interesting birds to watch. It is magical.

Today I woke up a little too early. I woke up around 3:30am and discovered that I was wide awake. It took me an hour and a half to get back to sleep. So when it was time to wake up for real around 9:30am, I was demanding more sleep. This made me kind of get a late start for church, thus I kind of sped through the rain to get to church on time. Now, there is a slight problem with my car. She doesn't like to stop, for any period of time. On my way back from Ocean City, I stopped at a traffic light. My engine CUT OFF at the traffic ligh…

The Eastern Shore of Virginia and why it is awesome

The Eastern Shore of Virginia is one of those places where people grow up together. Our middle school and high school teachers taught our parents, friends crawled on private beaches and fished on backyard docks together. Everyone knows everyone. The names Kellam, Boggs, Custis, Taylor, and Chandler are familiar Eastern Shore names. They have been passed down for generations. If you travel on the Eastern Shore or, commonly known as "ESVA" you'll find Purdue and Tyson chicken factories, all the ham, cigarettes, peanuts and fireworks you could ever want, 50 seafood restaurants, 500 farms and a few ponies here and there.

While this is not the most ideal place for a recent college graduate to be, it does become the most beautiful place in the world when old friends come into town. I went to middle school at Mary N. Smith middle school. It is located next to Purdue chicken factory. The smell was awesome in the summer. haha. not. Anyway, I moved from Cape May, New Jersey to Onan…

Transitions, Transitions

I want to go to College for the rest of my life.

Kind of.

I've been home for two days and I'm already itching for a break. I've spent 17 years in a fast paced academic world. I've always participated in too many activities, clubs and things so I wouldn't have a spare moment. Now its like my whole world is in slow motion. Everything is moving so slowly and I can see every detail of everything. While this is nice....I'm not getting anywhere. I'm moving in slow motion too.

This don't exactly make sense. I'm having a hard time transitioning to the home front again. I haven't really lived at home in four years. Sure I came home on breaks but that doesn't count. One of the fundamental differences of breaks and now is that my friends were home around the same time. This weekend my close friends from high school will be in town, so that will be fun. However when they leave it is back to same old same old. I really hope I get a job soon. Haven't h…

Today in Short (including details about my phone conference)

This morning I awoke to the sound of a very loud vacuum cleaner outside my bedroom door. At first I thought I was still at Beach Week and Colleen was cleaning or something. Then I realized I was still in my own room. I thought "I wonder if this is my parents' way of trying to get me out of bed." I rolled over, placed the pillow on top of my head and tried to concentrate on some more sleep. After all, it was only 10am...that was really early for me. (I'm still on beach time).

10 min later my door bursts open. My mother stands in an angry rage "GET UP MARY ANNA!" She screams. Next thing I know the wretched vacuum cleaner is placed in my room, turned on and the door shut. Now I'm trying to rest with a really loud vacuum blaring 10 feet away in my closed room. I get up, consider beating the shit out of the household device, then decide against it. I turn it off, throw it out my bedroom door and am greeted with smiles and "Oh, look! She's awake!"…

The Calling

First let me preface this post by saying there is a lot of religion in it. It is deep, spiritual, and will not make sense to everyone. My interpretations of the events which transpired may be different to your interpretations due to your own faith system/preference. You can doubt me, admire me or question me but do not criticize me. I'm proud of my faith but I don't push it on other people and I don't go out and try to turn everyone into Christians OK. Disclaimer done.

When I was a little girl I wanted to be a ballerina. I was attracted to the pink Tu Tu but I never took lessons. Then I wanted to be a firefighter, because I loved the red fire trucks. However, I'm terrified of fire. So I set on the path to become a veterinarian. I knew it would take a lot of schooling but I was always considered one of the "smart kids" in my school so I figured I had what it took. This career choice stayed with me for a good four years. But I'm allergic to half the animal k…

The Blank Slate

I graduated from the College of William and Mary on May 17th, 2009. It rained that day. It rained during freshman move-in in 05 too. If you were to ask me what I remember most about that day, it would be hard to answer that question. It was a blur of rain, droopy mortarboards, speeches, last chance pictures with friends, diplomas, ceremonies, proud parents and accomplishment.

I've been in school for the past 17 years of my life. From Kindergarten up until graduating from college it has been nothing but papers, exams, life lessons, deadlines, classes, and textbooks. What did these 17 years of education prepare me for? Life. Apparently. Kindergarten prepared me for grade school, grade school prepared me for middle school, middle school prepared me for high school, high school prepared me for college, college prepared me for the real world. You have no idea how much I was I was saying college prepared me for graduate school... 19.7% of college graduates in the class of 2009 have jobs…