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Dear Philadelphia, I love you.

Today I found out that my favorite late night drunk pizza place is reopening its doors after the shop was heavily damaged by a fire last summer. Lorenzo's Pizza is back! It makes me want to go to South Street tonight, drink too much PBR at the Tattooed Moms and then buy a $2.75 slice of cheese pizza the size of my head.

While telling a co-worker about this incredibly happy news, she laughed, shook her head and said "You were supposed to end up in Philly. You are always having a ball!"

I love it when people say that. Believe it or not, I get it a lot.

I've written posts about being that little girl in the backseat of the car staring up at the big skyline on I-95 while equally big dreams swim through my head. I always thought I'd end up in New York City or Chicago or even Miami. I never EVER thought I would end up in Philadelphia. I thought the actual city looked dirty and scary as a child.

But I ended up here and I love it. I've complained about my job, my sc…

It Was Time For A Face Lift

I started this blog in the summer of 2009. I had just graduated The College of William and Mary and had no effin clue what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I have a blast looking back at the old posts and seeing how much I've changed.

While the blog entries have decreased in number each year, I have...indeed...maintained this blog for almost 4 years. This is a huge accomplishment since I rarely finish or keep up with anything I start. So to honor that accomplishment, I did a little redecorating. I hope you like it.

Lately I have been feeling on top of my game despite the fact I have a paper due today at 5:30 and I am by no means done and it is 11:25am. haha But, I've made some personal discoveries that I believe will lead to fruitful change in my life. I'm trying to learn how to keep calm and carry on in the midst of chaos. I'm also enjoying this beautiful spring weather and have been swagging out my spring outfits all week. Looking good makes you feel good.…

Reverse Your Own Psychology

Forgive me for the vague and potentially rambling nature of this post. It is important, though.

When you're struggling with a math problem and you just can't figure out the answer, sometimes you have to take a break and tackle it after clearing your mind for a bit. Sometimes when you're writing a paper or a story, you get writer's block and you have to get up, walk around, run some errands, and come back to your assignment.

Relationships, friendships, human interactions are like that too. Sometimes we do stupid things that we think will help us reach insignificant goals. We use manipulative tactics, we talk around issues, we hint and nudge to get an outcome we think we deserve. The reality is, that never works and the other party(ies) catch on really quick.

The best thing you can do is realize the problem starts with you. You are the problem. There are a multitude of experiences in your life that have hard wired you to have certain problems but you can fix your curre…