Friday, May 29, 2009

Transitions, Transitions

I want to go to College for the rest of my life.

Kind of.

I've been home for two days and I'm already itching for a break. I've spent 17 years in a fast paced academic world. I've always participated in too many activities, clubs and things so I wouldn't have a spare moment. Now its like my whole world is in slow motion. Everything is moving so slowly and I can see every detail of everything. While this is nice....I'm not getting anywhere. I'm moving in slow motion too.

This don't exactly make sense. I'm having a hard time transitioning to the home front again. I haven't really lived at home in four years. Sure I came home on breaks but that doesn't count. One of the fundamental differences of breaks and now is that my friends were home around the same time. This weekend my close friends from high school will be in town, so that will be fun. However when they leave it is back to same old same old. I really hope I get a job soon. Haven't heard from the data entry people or Food Lion. I have to admit, I'm way to qualified for Food Lion, they will never hire me. I could be an activities assistant at a nursing home, but that is a job where people get attached. I wouldn't want to quit after two months because that would seem like a cop out.

I'm not used to the rules and being forced to wake up early.

That is kind of all I got. My day consisted of waking up early, doing some unpacking and cleaning, getting in a few fights with my mom, popping an anti-anxiety pill on an empty stomach, regretting that once it made me sick, napping for two hours, making my room presentable, eating a delicious dinner, watching a movie and uploading a 105 picture facebook album. I also e-mailed some important people.

Tomorrow I hope to chill with the old gang. I'm sure more interesting things will come from those encounters.

Till next time.

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