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Greetings from the Corporate World

I'm back where it all began. Literally. Today I had lunch in the same gazebo I sat in while talking to my parents on the phone about my Redeemer Ministry Corps interview process. I remember looking out across the field in front of me seeing nothing but possibility. I'm pretty sure a "don't get your hopes up" was thrown into the conversation. 

My office sits in the same building I interviewed at (and stayed in) 6 years ago. The dwelling rooms have been turned into offices. Construction is ever present. Oh, if you're just tuning in I work in a former convent. The Provincialate used to be the headquarters for the Sisters of the Holy Redeemer. It is now Corporate headquarters for Holy Redeemer Health System. The Sisters have relocated to the Province Center and I'm over here with the "big wigs" trying to make magic happen. So to speak. 

While I work in the marketing department I get to do a lot of journalism things. Today I wrote an article for our employee newsletter. I'm constantly promoting things on social media. I get to guide the editing of videos and work in a production studio. I get to create images to post. I get to be creative. Each day is different. I have a set of running deadlines and new projects that get popped on my desk. My boss is very grateful to have me on board and expresses her appreciation daily. 

My lack of posts have been because it has been pure insanity. Life, that is. The new job is great and I'm enjoying each day, however the work life balance is not something I've mastered yet. My commute in is about 40 minutes. My commute home can take about an hour or more. Bronx is alone for 11 hours a day and while he is a trooper, it makes me paranoid. He's been enjoying his treat toys and the solitude but he has to pee the second I get home. I literally drop my bags and run him out the door. He went to daycare yesterday for the first time. My landlord was finally fixing my leaky roof. Bronx did awesome, loved daycare and daycare loved him. He was in individual daycare so he didn't get to play with the other dogs since he might try to eat them. But it was a good experience for both of us. Unfortunately his daycare is near my work which means a lengthy commute to it in the morning and equally arduous journey home. He'll only be able to go once a week but hopefully that will mix up his life in a good way. 

I'm still kickboxing but that is stressful too. The classes are great but coming home after being up for 12 hours straight just to run to kickboxing and have my ass handed to me and come home after 9pm is tricky. I'm pretty much always exhausted. I can't sleep because I'm so wound up at night but I can't seem to get enough sleep to power me through my days. Plus I'm learning new things on a 24/7 cycle. 

It will all take some adjusting. I'm happy and I was really happy when I got my paycheck this morning. But finding that balance that keeps me healthy, work going well, and Bronx happy is going to be a challenge. 

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