Saturday, September 17, 2016

When the Common Cold Feels Like the Plague of Death

I'm sick for the second time in a year. A whole year. Seriously, that is a personal best in terms of health. I mean really. When I was back in social work, I would get sick every other month. That was because I worked in really close quarters with adorable germ sponges, also known as babies and toddlers. Now in Corporate America, I rarely come in contact with children. Therefore, I've enjoyed an entire year of little to no icky sickies. However, somehow, somewhere, I caught a nasty bug and have a common cold. Shouldn't be a big deal but because I was so used to being healthy, this common cold feels like the plague of death.

Stuffy nose. Runny nose. Sneezing. Coughing. Exhaustion. Hot flashes. You name it, I got it. Also a bit of an upset tummy. It is like my entire immune system is on vacation. It sucks because this is a beautiful weekend in Philadelphia and I would love nothing more than to get a nice run in and hike with my dog in a local park. But alas, I've been outside a few times but the walk tires me out. So I come in and rest. I'm hoping a day of mostly resting will allow me to be somewhat functional tomorrow. I'd like to kickbox, run errands and do laundry tomorrow before gearing up for another epic work week.

Epic about sums it up. I finally have a permanent boss! This is great! I have someone who I can go to for questions, ask for support, and help direct me so we're actually accomplishing things in the Marketing Department versus just putting out fires here and there. Triage mode, is what I call it. I've done well these past six months but I am more than ready to apply a concrete strategy to my work. So, yay for the beginning of structure!

Life is life. I've been really tired and am officially panicking about my upcoming half marathon that I'm not ready for. It is in November, as I have mentioned before. Dun Dun Dun. I've been sporadically kickboxing due to edema in the ankles, exhaustion, and this damn cold. I'd like to be back on track.

That is about it from this end. Just thought I'd provide a quick update since I'm laying low and trying to do what I can to help my body beat this stupid stupid cold.

Until next time...

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