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Today in Short (including details about my phone conference)

This morning I awoke to the sound of a very loud vacuum cleaner outside my bedroom door. At first I thought I was still at Beach Week and Colleen was cleaning or something. Then I realized I was still in my own room. I thought "I wonder if this is my parents' way of trying to get me out of bed." I rolled over, placed the pillow on top of my head and tried to concentrate on some more sleep. After all, it was only 10am...that was really early for me. (I'm still on beach time).

10 min later my door bursts open. My mother stands in an angry rage "GET UP MARY ANNA!" She screams. Next thing I know the wretched vacuum cleaner is placed in my room, turned on and the door shut. Now I'm trying to rest with a really loud vacuum blaring 10 feet away in my closed room. I get up, consider beating the shit out of the household device, then decide against it. I turn it off, throw it out my bedroom door and am greeted with smiles and "Oh, look! She's awake!" by my parents. Curse them. Well, not really.

That my friends, is how my day started. I was up late last night applying for jobs with food lion, some data entry job company and considering craigslist jobs (that seem legit). I think I'm going to make an excellent bagger if they hire me. Mmmmm lessons on humility.

So I got up, got a shower, stumbled through the boxes of yet to be unpacked MA things and eagerly awaited 1:30pm. At 1:30pm, Eileen, the director from Redeemer Ministry Corps was going to call me to discuss "my interests and the interview process." I was both nervous and excited. 1:30 took forever to arrive. First I unpacked most of the boxes and now my room looks like a war zone. It kind of feels like one too. Then I freaked out because I thought I lost my favorite Leafe Mug...the gold Triathlon one....but found it in my shot glass box. Whew! That was close.

At 1:30pm I had eaten a pot of Ramen, 5 pretzel sticks (the little kind), one banana and had a Green Leafe Mug of ice water for luck. The phone rang as I perched attentively on my bed, legal pad in hand. Eileen and I talked for about an hour. This discussion ranged from why I wanted to be a volunteer for RMC, why I chose the placement sites I wrote down in my application, what I wanted to get out of the experience, an explanation of community, a talk about how I can still use journalism in my placement site, questions on what I'll do with my life if RMC rejects me, then she offered me an interview.

Here is what I know from all of that:
1) She really likes me. She thinks my answers have great depth to them and I'm not shallow about wanting to volunteer for a year. In other words, its not a recession cop out. If you read my last post, you would know that I'm very serious about this year of service and a lot of depth and meaning are the driving force behind it. She can tell I'm serious. Also, you could probably tell from the sound of my voice that I'm super excited about this.

2) She asked me my plans for if RMC doesn't work out...then promptly said she hopes those plans don't work out (rejection plans that is). That is a good sign.

3) I told her that I have no pending applications with any other service corps. She seemed really pleased about this even though I'm sure I came off desperate and creepy.

4) I HAVE AN INTERVIEW SCHEDULED FOR JUNE 29TH-JULY 1ST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which is really a series of interviews.

I have no idea where I stand. I think she has more interviews this month and in early June. I don't know my chances, I don't know what I'm up against. Frankly, I'm just going to trust and hope things work out.

So, hope I get a job on the shore. (COME ON FOOD LION!) AND hope the interviews go well. I have to meet with the director, a panel, a psychologist and the supervisors at the placement sites. Its going to be intense.

Also I found the perfect greyhound deal. We'll see if it work with their schedule. If my option works for them, we're talking round trip to Philly and back for $52. Yes $52. I came up with three possible options because I do not want to inconvenience RMC by any means. We'll see which one they pick.

Now I'm going to go back into my war zone of a room and try to make sense of the trash/papers/boxes and shoes which scatter the floor. I'm super excited as to what the future holds! Continue to follow me, admit it, it is kind of entertaining!


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