Thursday, July 2, 2009

A little taste of home

This evening I went to the carnival with my friends Clay and Beth. I got there a little late because finding parking was like looking for a gold brick in a dollar store. I found my friends seated in the front row watching kareoke. After watching a few acts myself I soon found out why. This was the best entertainment no cost can buy. Some people were awesome and upbeat. Some people were downright brave. Others were just a little timid. I had a good time. I thought I would have spent a lot more money on rides, food, bingo and games.

After we had enough of the singing we played a game of bingo. Lucky for us we got on the last game of the night. $50 prize for the bottom row. I thought, 'there is no way I'm going to win this.' The caller said "someone is going to win this I just feel it" which is ironic because there is always a winner in bingo. Anyway I said "its gonna me be." Well we played and my friends would be like "boo ya" when they got a number. Suddenly I got four of the five numbers called. The caller says "G 50." I said "I would have wet myself if he called G 60 haha." Then he says "G 60." I thought, oh my goodness I just won $50. I screamed "BINGO!" It was a good bingo and they handed me a 50 dollar bill.

So needless to say my first game of bingo in the season and the last game of the night proved to be a good one. I have $50. I needed that $50. Good stuff. :) I'm so blessed.

Until next time...

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