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When All Your Friends Are Engaged, Married or Having Kids

I owe a life update like woah. I pride myself in keeping up with this blog. I had surgery in April, and I swear I'll blog about that later. But right now I have been struck by inspiration to rant about something else.

When all your friends are engaged...married...or having kids. Have you been on Facebook lately? If you're a 20-30 something, you'll notice that Facebook is turning into a virtual Wedding Photo Album. Everyone you know is suddenly getting hitched and you don't know what to do. If this were the game of life, you'd be on the start square and everyone else would be halfway through the game.

Granted, I'm no idiot. Life is like this: you go to school make friends, go to high school, go to college, everyone moves away and gets a job, people get engaged, people get married, people have kids...sometimes not in that order, people get jobs again...people grow old, people die. That pretty much sums up some extent. But when you find yourself in one of those crazy transition periods, you can't help but look around you and go "what is the rush, everybody?"

I'm on my third glass of wine, but I realized some inevitable truths after viewing WEDDINGbook.

1) While I'm posting links to my latest articles, my friends will be posting pictures from their "Mommy and Me" classes

2) While I'm struggling to find an affordable friends will be buying their first home.

3) When I finally get married, I'm going to have to rent out a McDonalds Playplace to accomodate my friends' children because there is no way they can all come to my wedding if I don't allow kids to attend.

4) The idea of traveling to Italy once every 5 years and culminating several Italian lovers sounds like a great idea.

5) My one best friends who is not married and I agree that if we're not engaged by 30, we'll file for a civil union and have male lovers on the side.

Looking at my life now, I think I'm doing MY life in order. You know the whole school, school, more school, career thing. I can not even PICTURE myself engaged right now, or married, OR WITH KIDS. In fact, every time I help with a major event at my work I start to question if I want kids at all. However I do want to get married SOME DAY and I do want kids SOME DAY. That day is not today.

I read in Cosmo that there is a large percentage of divorcees that married between 18-25 because people are in a "rush" to get married. They want to keep up with the Jones' and make sure their doing everything that everyone else is doing. Well, I'm married to my current salaried job...and graduate school.

But I can't help but wonder every so often/everytime I open up WEDDINGbook, if I'm behind in the game. Shouldn't I be developing that long lasting relationship with someone that will eventually lead to marriage? I mean, shouldn't I be hunted or hunt or something for someone? Its funny, people always say that 'it will happen when you least expect it' but I'm anticipating it all the time so I don't miss it. No, really, I walk down the street and if a stranger smiles at me I check Craigslist Missed Connections to see if I end up there. "To the girl with the red t-shirt that smiled at me on Market Street...."

Blame the wine.

I just want it all. I want the kick ass career. The adoring husband. The cute kids that look like they should be on a Gerber commercial. Then I want to grow old with my family and become that crazy grandmother whoes grandkids have to yell "Grandma, why are you drinking a martini? It's not even noon!" To which I'd respond "mind your own kids, when you're my can do whatever the hell you want."

Until next time...


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