Monday, December 24, 2012

Sweet Nostalgia

When I'm home on the Eastern Shore, I tend to get realll nostalgic. I guess it is my way of reminding myself where I came from and this place that made me who I am today. That is how I look at it. So I decided to browse through my old yearbooks from high school, a very sweet and awesome time of my life. I reviewed what people wrote about me and thought about it all.

I got a lot of "to a cool and crazy chick" "bubbly" "full of potential" "big things are coming your way" "great friend" "funny" "great stories" "entertaining" "hilarious friend to be around" "good times" and even a few "hot" "sexy" "sweet" and "nice" comments as well.

Many of these people have come and gone. There are even a few names I don't recognize since I asked EVERYONE to sign my yearbook whether you rode the bus with me for a year or had one class with me or we just passed by each other in the hall. Looking back, I think I had more sex appeal than I thought I did at the time. hah I mean, everyone thinks they are awkward as hell in high school, but I think I may have been a lot more appealing than I thought. Especially since when I randomly bump into people from the past, usually one or two admit they either had a crush on my in high school or thought I was amazing and sexy. Wierd, right? I was literally that smart, pompass ass, goody two-shoes girl who happened to also be decently popular, a favorite with the teachers, hilarious, and....pretty? I didn't know. I really didn't know.

A lot of the comments stated I was ambitious, which I think couldn't be more true. I wonder what these bus riders, lunch sharers, once in a classroom commenters would think of me today. Did big things happen? Am I still that quirky, funny, entertaining girl? I think for the most part, I've maintained a hold on those qualities. A lot of hilarious stories at work start with "One time, Mary Anna...."

I help homeless kids, that is a pretty big thing. I live alone in a large city. That is big. I'm in graduate school maintaining an "A" average in Journalism. Ah, journalism, that is another thing. I was thinking about how I've had to spend a pretty penny on some jschool gadgets and how I'm one of those people who never finish what I start. I tend to jump from hobby to hobby without really investing in one basic thing. But journalism? I look at my digital voice recorder and my notebooks and my textbooks and ponder getting a Macbook and think....this is what I want to do with the rest of my life. This isn't a hobby, this is my career. Rise up.

I get ego-centric on the Shore. Thanks for bearing with me. Merry Christmas Eve!

Until Next Time...

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