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You Know What Really Grinds My Gears?

Lately I've found I'm getting irked by the simple things. So I decided to scream, shout and let it all out in a list of things that grind my gears:

(In no particular order)

1. People that demand a receipt confirming you read their e-mail. I'm sorry, but as an American, I can choose whether or not I even WANT to read your e-mail. What does it matter if I read it or not? Half the time you're sending me something stupid and I feel like you are elitist for making sure I read it. Doesn't your inbox get full of receipts? Doesn't that get annoying? As annoying as you making sure I read your e-mails?

2. This morning I'm almost 100% certain a lady tried to steal my cell phone. I was at Dunkin Donuts getting my morning coffee when a woman stopped me and asked if I had a cell phone because she had to "call her job." My compassionate, caring side had not woken up yet and I was in an awful mood. Naturally I told her that no, I did not have a cell phone, I left it at home and was quite pissed about it. I figured if she needed to call "the job" that badly she would have asked someone else or made a general plea "Does anyone have a cell phone I can borrow for a second? I have to call my job!" But alas no, she retreated into a bathroom...that had an "Out of Order" sign on it. To do what, I have no idea, but due to that sequence of events I sense she was going to take my cell phone and run. This annoyed me for several reasons. The first is that she's relying on the generosity of a stranger to swindle them. The second is that she targeted me out of everyone in the store. Why? Because I was a white, nicely dressed female and she saw IPHONE or ANDROID written all over my professional presentation. Well bitch, I have a BLACKBERRY so beat it. The third is that if this is the new ploy to rob people, I'm saddened by that.

3. People that are very desperate on Facebook for opposite sex attention. I'm talking about the people that post endless ecards, memes and posters about "ALL I WANT IS TRUE LOVE" and "I JUST WANT TO BELONG TO SOMEBODY". Or people whose statuses read "wish someone was here to cuddle with me on this cold night." Look, I'm a big fat hypocrite. I spent years whining on this blog about how sad I was to be single, how awful it was to not be noticed by men, and how desperately I WANTED TO SNUGGLE WITH SOMEONE ON A COLD NIGHT...but when you're on the other side of the coin and you look back at where you were, you realize you come off as sad and pathetic. I can't judge you Lonely Single Facebookers, but I can almost feel sorry for you. You can call my bluff when someone responds to your status, post, ecard and says "OMG I LOVE YOU AND WANT TO BE WITH YOU," however I'm fairly certain they might just be trying to save you from further embarrassment.

4. People that cut in line on the trolley platform to be the first person on the trolley. I'm sorry, unless you're elderly or have an infant/toddler or a physical disability, you should not be pushing people out of the way to board the trolley first. Especially if you totally just rolled up to the platform and haven't been waiting in the same spot in the cold, freezing your ass off for the past 15 minutes. What gives you the RIGHT to get on this trolley before me? Laziness or the fact you and your unfit ass don't want to stand is not a good reason. So please, get to the back of the line, lay off the processed foods and wait your damn turn.

5. People that do not get up when you have a window seat, they are sitting next to you, and you need to exit the mode of transportation. These people swing their legs out to the side and make you squeeze past them. Like I said before, I really want to say "You know what, you are really ignorant. I hope my ass cheek grazes your face." I usually keep these comments to myself.

6. People that get to travel to other countries like its no big thing. You irritate me because I'm jealous of you. That's all.

7. Ignorant people who can't do their own job yet find one million reasons to throw your ass under the bus to protect theirs. There is one of these in every workplace. You pull your weight, you excel at what you do and you have that one person who can't get anything right and really doesn't care about it. So every time they are called out on a mistake, they drag your name through the mud and blame you. How do these people still have jobs? Why must we all put up with them? When can I give them a piece of my mind without getting fired? Oh that's right, never.

8. Homeless people that cuss you out because you don't give them money. Granted, they may have mental instabilities or be REALLY down on their luck. But I hate it when I pass by another hard pressed soul and he/she asks me for money. I typically acknowledge them with an "I'm sorry" or "no" because they are PEOPLE not ANIMALS or THINGS. However, on the occasions I mind my own business and go about my way, I typically get cussed out. "YOU BITCH. YOU CAN'T SPARE A DOLLA? WTF IS WRONG WITH YOUR SELFISH ASS?" This does happen. I continue walking. I've even had male panhandlers shout out pretty crude things to me. I have the best comebacks 20 minutes later, but for my personal safety and the sake of humanity...I keep my mouth shut and keep on truckin.

9. People that try to sneak in 15-20 items in the 10 item express checkout. That's just wrong.

10. People who pop in your office for a visit and then proceed to creep up behind you and peer at your computer screen to see what you are or are not working on. They probably don't even realize they are doing it, but its annoying as crap. What if I don't want you to see the USA Today Crossword Puzzle I'm working on during my lunch break or the raging e-mail a co-worker just sent me? A quick glance at the screen is fine, but deliberate, stand behind you, lean in your space, stare at your screen and try to read everything is not. Manners. Please.

That is all I can think of at the present time. I'm pretty sure I'm PMSing so that would explain my angry bitchy post. Talk to me in a week and a half. haha

Until next time...


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