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25 Year Old Wisdom

7 Things That Will Inevitably Happen To You:

1. Friends will stop being your friends for no reason. They will legit just drop off the face of the earth without a farewell and you'll struggle for awhile to hold them close. Eventually you will come to accept the fact that your friendship is over, with no rhyme or reason and you will move on to make new friends. As Macklemore says "You'll meet people whose paths intersect but you don't know how long you'll walk with them."

2. You will fall in love with "the wrong person" and begin to question whether or not they are really that "wrong" after all. The whole situation will come out of nowhere. It will seem improbable. Then you'll find yourself immersed in a love affair with someone who regardless how long they stay with you, will change your life.

3. You will compare yourself to your friends, because thanks to social media you know more about them then you ever wanted to know. There will be a point where if female you will feel pressured to get married and pop out children. If you're male, you'll be striving to land that perfect job so you can buy a nice car and find a woman to take care of. You will reach a point where you either cave into the pressure or defy these "social media norms" and live your own life the way you want to.

4. You will procrastinate on your ambitions. You will think "I have my whole life for that" without realizing life can change in an instant. That novel, song, painting, dance group, book club, invention...that you've been putting off will need to take precedence in your life to become a reality. You're not immortal and your talents may shift and change as you grow older.

5. Your mentors, parents, favorite teachers will get older and retire and this will SCARE you. You'll realize the older people you love have crossed the mountain peak of life and are now headed on the downhill slide. You'll see your parents forget things. You'll see them wince when they get out of a chair. You'll see your favorite high school teacher retire. People around you will age, and it will make you nervous but you will eventually accept it.

6. It will take forever to pay off your student loan debt. Especially if you went for a Masters Degree. Keep telling yourself it was worth it, because in truth, it was. My grandmother always used to say, "No one can take your education away from you."

7. You will eventually be persuaded to join civic groups like neighborhood councils, city coalitions, cleanup, renovation, revitalization groups. It is called adulthood. Do your part.


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