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Adventures in Online Retail Therapy

I didn't wake up distraught. I was in a somewhat tired mood, still recovering from a social hangover from endless and fun interaction this weekend. Yet last night I bought a "Haters Gonna Hate" t-shirt and a "YOLO" trucker hat. That must have been when it started.

For today I dropped a healthy sum at Urban Outfitters and then received my annual employee evaluation. It was decent but it did not live up to my overachieving standards, thus I was disappointed with my review score. Channeling this disappointment, I purchased my beloved Ray-Ban Wayfarers that I've been eyeing all summer. All I had to do was sign up for an e-mail list for Amazon Shoes and I got a 20% coupon to use which knocked my Ray-Bans down a lot. Two years ago I purchased Ray-Ban Aviators from an online deal site. I got the pricey spectacles for a mere $55. My Wayfarers cost me $63 with free shipping. That is a deal.

Now I sit here, mildly sated yet still upset about my review. I'm a little concerned about that credit card debt I just racked up in a mere 24 hours. However, I'm excited that now I have a parade of purchases to look forward to. There is something to be said for coming home and finding a package on your doorstep with your name on the front. This "high" should last at least two weeks since I ordered so many items.

I don't typically resort to retail therapy in an effort to cope with my emotions, but somehow I feel this shopping spree was validated.

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