Friday, January 9, 2015

Good Luck Bad Luck Dumb Luck No Luck

On New Year's Day I made black eyed peas and baked fish. While doing the dishes after my "lucky" January 1st meal, I managed to slice open my pinky finger on the black eyed peas can lid. By slice I mean my finger went straight down on it, causing a nice incision on the back of the finger. I bled for quite awhile. My joke was...does this mean I jinxed the black eyed peas luck or do I get extra luck for making a blood pact?

If the first week of 2015 is my answer...I jinxed it. Work has been brutal. We're entering another crazy cycle of move ins and move outs in rapid fashion. I've been getting headaches daily. I have been eating green smoothies on the regular and I made it to the gym three times this week. But I still feel pretty run down. Also everyone in the office is getting hit by this plague. It is an upper respiratory virus. It's been attacking my coworkers one by one. I'm doing what I can to stay healthy but it is only a matter of time before I get hit with it too.

As for my black eyed peas wound? I was babysitting some kids last night while their mothers were at a meeting and a toddler was sitting on my lap. The toddler began to bounce every so slightly and somehow landed on my name badge. My poor pinky was resting under the badge and the metal clip rammed into my almost healed cut. I started bleeding again. 

I wore a band-aid to sleep last night but this morning on the EL when I took off my glove I found my finger covered in blood....again. When I got off at my stop I had to do a little survivalist first aid and clean the wound with hand sanitizer.  I then put a band-aid on it again. It looked like it was healing nicely this we're back to square one. I'm beginning to wonder in much late fashion if I needed stitches....

The weather has been deathly cold. My workload steadily increases as I try to do everything I can to widdle it down. I can't focus on anything except keeping my pinky from getting infecting and keeping my diet and exercise in check. 

Bad luck so far. Or No luck at all. 

Until next time...

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