Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Awards and Accolades

I have arrived. Or something like that. 

After six years with Drueding Center (one as an RMC volunteer), I have been awarded Employee of the Quarter. I was recognized for my endless creativity, ability to go above and beyond and take on many tasks outside my job description. I also fostered a meaningful professional relationship with one of our volunteers that got us a $1,000 grant for our tutoring programs. BAM. I have arrived. 

That is as high as it gets. Granted, I am in the running for Employee of the Year now. However, that usually goes to someone who feeds their neighborhood kids or rescues baby animals in their spare time. I'm not quite that worthy. But, that is as high as it gets in a work environment that can't afford to give raises and has no room for promotions. I'm chilling at the top of the mountain, metaphorically speaking. 

I'm grateful. Recognition and appreciation always feels great. Plus I'm someone who maps out my life by awards and accolades so this is another one for the books. It sounds awfully proud, but recently I realized that my life is defined by achievements both big and small. I'm driven by the need to earn awards like this. I remember in grad school when I learned there was a Top Scholar award for the MJ program. I was determined to win it. I stayed up late, got up early, damn near slept in the Tech Center, cried, coped and earned it. I see things, I work hard, I try to get them. The driving force in my life is achievement. 

Which is funny because I achieved the "highest" prize and I feel like I did when I graduated Temple...yay I what. 

I am attempting to add non-achievement memories and events to my life. This past weekend I saw Matt Nathanson, The Fray and Train in Camden. It was a really fun concert and I'm so glad I went. I've been obsessed with The Fray since they came on the scene years ago. 10 years ago?  I knew all the songs. 

Upcoming, Erin and I are going to Runner's Night at the Phillies where we get free Runners shirts since we did Broad Street this year. Also Bronx has a playdate scheduled with Erin's dogs, Utley and Maggie. I'm hoping Bronx behaves himself. He's a bit of a talker around other dogs and I'm trying to help socialize him into being a bit calmer. I think if he has a few positive interactions under his belt he'll act better around dogs. I am still every so grateful that he is such a people dog, though. I'm serious, he LOVES everyone. So that's a good thing. 

Also on deck is Philly 4th of July, Rocky on the Rocky steps and a potential stand up paddle board adventure in North Jersey. Love outdoor stuff in the summer. Hate this June heat and nervous about July/August heat wise. 

Until next time...

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