Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Wiggle Butts and Parking Spaces

What can I say, he is pretty precious. This is what Bronx looks like after a day full of car rides and hiking in the suburbs. He sniffed everything so hard, a white foam formed around his nose. He had a really fun time and as you can see, he is dog tired. 

We're in a good place. He was exhibiting some recent separation anxiety. In the mornings as I'd get ready for work, he would get really antsy, start whining, charging the front door in an attempt to run down the stairs. Kind of like a "well, I'm down here so you HAVE to take me with you." I think the whole getting a car thing threw him off. Mom has a rolling box that I can ride in, therefore I can go with Mom wherever she goes. haha I don't know if dogs can reason, but I think there is a connection between my new car and my dog. 

So mornings were rough. As were afternoons. My otherwise angel of a dog was finding new things to get into like...the trashcan. This dog is scared of my trashcan. For three months he wouldn't go near it. Then one fine day he decided to explore. And the day after that as well. Trash all over the kitchen floor. I was really mad, but I get it. He is bored. I decided to get him some new toys to help keep him occupied and it worked!

I got him an everlasting treat ball which has a long-lasting treat on one side and dispenses little treats on the other side. I also bought Kong filler treat paste. He LOVES it. Now in the mornings, once I get his interactive toys filled with food, he barks at me for his Kong. "MOM GIVE ME" haha. I'm able to tell him to be good and leave the apartment without him making a ruckus. It is great. I'm glad we got past that whole him being upset with I leave thing. He didn't act that way the first 3 months I had him. 

The other new adventure in my life is remembering how to parallel park again. I'm out of practice having not owned a car in six years. I've driven cars but haven't had to parallel park twice a day, every day since college. I'm still rusty. I seem to think my little Kia Soul is a Suburban and three times its length. It is a tiny tiny car. This morning I managed to park in one fell swoop. I consider that a major accomplishment. 

That is about it. I'll leave you with a photo of Bronx and I from our hike last weekend. 

Forward facing camera makes his face look distorted. I feel like he looks like a Great Dane here. haha. Nope. He's all Boxer. 

Until next time...

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