Friday, September 18, 2009


Yesterday I went to the hospital's gym for my gym orientation. As a facility supervisor and fitness instructor of a college gym, I already knew how to work most of the equipment so I spared the trainer that agony of explaining how you can increase the incline on a treadmill. What I did need help with was the weights. They have a significantly older Cybex weight system which is almost intimidating. Even though I knew the general mechanism of a rear dealt fly and a back extension, I needed a brief tutorial on how to work these aged machines. They work great, I just need to adjust to them.

Now, I'm known for being a very open person. I wear my heart on my sleeve and I don't hold back. I will now discuss a topic of sensitive concern to me.

Yesterday I went to the hospital's gym for my gym orientation. I received my fitness assessment from late August. It told me my strength was above average for a girl my age. That is great. It also told me that I have 40% body fat when I should have at max 24%. Additionally I need to lose 48lbs of FAT. I weighed myself this morning and found out that that I now have to lose 50lbs of FAT. I have GAINED weight.

I'm really not in a position where I can hit the gym three days a week and eat three well balanced meals while drinking 8 glasses of water. My job is relatively fast paced, a typical 9-5 M-F. By the end of the day I'm hungry because I take lunch at around 12pm and I'm tired. I have just enough time to eat a quick dinner, get a shower, make my lunch for the next day, choose my outfit for the next day and check my e-mail before it is time for me to go to bed so I can get enough sleep to function. It is exhausting. It also makes me miss school.

Of course we do things like go out to restaurants occasionally and eat cookies and ice cream. I really need to stop all that. I am also limiting myself to a half a mug of coffee with no creamer until I can ween myself off coffee completely. Coffee is horrible for you. As is soda and beer.

I really don't think skinny people have any fun. Honestly though, if I ever want a man or to avoid diabetes I need to start now. The older I get the harder it is going to get to lose weight. Soon I'll just be one of those really obese people who no one really wants to look at.

The problem is time and scheduling. For example, today I got up at 7:40 and was out the door by 8:05. I usually bring my breakfast with me because I can't eat really early in the morning. Well I'll eat my breakfast at about 10 or 10:30am. Lunch around 12 or 12:30pm then I have to drive a co-worker to the Phila airport after work. That trip plus the trip back to my house is going to get me home at around 7 or so. I'm going to be tired and starving. So naturally I'm going to want to eat a quick fix meal which is unhealthy in large quantities.

I foresee myself becoming more irritable and I limit my food intake, exercise daily and hate myself. haha

Until next time...

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