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Holy Mother of Cold!

Holy Mother of COLD. I thought the news and the weather people were just giving us a warning to dress warmly...but then they got all IF YOU GO OUTSIDE AND YOU ARE NOT COVERED UP YOU OR YOUR EXPOSED LIMBS WILL DIE!!!!

They weren't kidding.

Last night when I took the trash out, I had to post a note for UPS and within one minute I couldn't feel my hand! This morning I looked just like Randy from "A Christmas Story." As I tried to pull my hair out of my infinity scarf I encountered so much difficulty that I almost let my hair sit half in/half out afro style.

The commute was ok until I hit the EL. The platform was over crowded, as was the train when it arrived. I managed to get a seat when a girl got off at the next stop but ended up sandwiched between a cop and my tired looking seatmate. Then came the five block walk to work. Head down, breathing the warm air in my scarf, I pressed on...trying to keep my hood up enough for warmth but down enough so I could see. All the while I did this without my glasses because my infinity scarf around my mouth causes my glasses to fog up. It was treacherous but I made it.

Last Friday I was one of two people from my building who made it in despite the 7" of snow. Yesterday I battled fierce wind and rain to get into work only to find out our heat had been cut off due to an HVAC pipe bursting. I was freezing within 15 minutes. Fortunately the heat returned but it was pretty chilly all day.

The detox is going well. I will be so glad when I can finally have carbs again. I think I'm going to appreciate them more so I won't go all bingefest but I do miss my cheddar penguin crackers AND I miss my coffee. I don't think coffee is doing me any harm. I don't drink the double whipped chocolate chunk, vanilla cream, triple layered frappe crap. I do have to watch out with my Dunkin Donut syrups though. There is a lot of sugar in those. Looks like plain coffee is on my horizon but believe me, I can't wait to enjoy it again.

I think the one thing I've learned throughout this week of fruits and veggies, is that I really need to eat vegetables more often. Like, spinach 3-4 times a week! I enjoy vegetables but when school starts and work gets crazy I like very easy grab and eat snacks. I'm too lazy to cut up some celery. So I need to make sure I don't sink down into those sloth-like ways when the detox is over. More veggies, more green smoothies, a few fresh fruits here and there and limited carbs/fats/meats.

I joined a workout team challenge at work. Basically I have a month or so to lose 3% of my body fat and I am eligible to win prizes. So hopefully that is excess motivation to lose weight and win big. I could use that $50 gift card, not gonna lie.

So I'd say so far 2014 has been pretty good. It started off with epic Mummery and finding $20 on my way home New Years Day. I've been eating a very strict and healthy detox diet, working hard, writing, and finding time for yoga and relaxation. Also, I made my first eggplant and tomato stew from scratch. So far so good.

Until next time...


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