Wednesday, January 15, 2014

First Cold of the New Year

As I sit at my desk I wonder about the vague possibility of dying right here in my office today because I feel like crap. My throat feels like I'm swallowing barb wire, my nose feels like there is lead inside of it, and my head feels like it could explode like an over inflated balloon.

Much to my chagrin I forgot to take my coconut oil today and I'm planning on taking swings of Dayquill every 4 hours. I'm glad I didn't call out of work today because guess who else is feeling under the weather and is working through it? My boss.

I blame the erratic weather patterns, the runny nosed children and potentially my one tiny client who had a fever the other day. Nothing I can do but pump meds into my body and wait it out, hoping the duration of my duress is only a few days. Some important things are coming up that I just can't be sick for. (So pretentious, I know "I just CAN'T be SICK for xyz")

Main Course magazine launches today. I can be sick for that, actually. We're supposed to go live sometime today. Please check it out at I'm an art columnist for this magazine and I'm really excited about this new venture and where the publication could be headed. We have our first staff meeting this weekend and I'll finally get to meet some of my fellow writers/columnists and bounce ideas off my editor. I'm pretty stoked and I can't be that awkward girl in the glasses with a shiny red nose and tissues shoved up the sleeves of my sweater.

The final countdown begins! Next week I start my final semester of graduate school. Dun dun dun. I'll be taking Intro to Web Design and Humor Writing. Class will be 3 nights a week (eep) and then I have to schedule my comprehensive exams and BOOM come May I graduate with my Masters of Journalism. Almost there!

Next week I'm participating in an unusual endeavor. It is called a "Point in Time" count and basically volunteers gather late at night and survey the homeless in the city. We literally "count" the number of homeless in the streets. It runs until 3am but since each homeless agency in the city is required to have two volunteers participate in the PIT count, I get off the following day. Which is great because my parents arrive the day after the count for... cousin's wedding! Not this weekend but the following, my cousin Erin is getting married in New Jersey and my parents and are I going to attend. I'm really excited because I haven't been to a formal event with "the rents" in a long time. I've been to a few weddings recently and they have been fab. (Got another one to attend in May).

So a lot of stuff going on. That coupled with my new gym membership, a few life goals, and my writing projects. Busy as a bee and can not be sick!

Until next time....

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