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I Have A Dream...

...That I Will No Longer Be Sick.

It is Monday, MLK day, normal people are off from work and school day. I'm at work and I'm still sick. This is day 5. I went from sore throat, to runny nose, to stuffy clogged nose, to painful breathing/coughing, to slightly better breathing/coughing to stuffy nose again. I've taken Dayquil, Nyquil, Mucinex, Cold Ezzz, Antibiotics, my inhaler, Halls cough drops, Benadryll...just about every cold/flu/allergy/sinus/cough drug you can think off. Obviously not at the same time..but the only thing that seems to be helping ever so slightly is the antibiotics. I can breathe without pain now, a much needed improvement from Saturday.

It felt like a less dramatic version of those medical shows where the patient is about to die and the doctor can give the patient medicine x or medicine y. They give the patient medicine x and hope for the best and BOOM it miraculously cures them in the nick of time! I think I saw that on House once. Anyway, that is what happened with the antibiotics because I could not breathe. It HURT to just BREATHE.

This is a death cold. It has been a LONG time since I've been hit this hard and for this long. Sadly I was the girl with the red nose and the tissues shoved up my sleeves at my magazine staff meeting. In fact, I was using hand sanitizer every 5 minutes. Also I'm fairly certain that little trip to the Northeast made me worse. I shouldn't have been out in the elements.

Yesterday was better, I still went out (I'm crazy) to the Ben Franklin Museum because it was free this weekend to celebrate Ben's birthday. I bundled up and went out to see it. I was ok, coughing a bit and sniffing but this trip out didn't ruin me as much as Saturday's did. I also got my notebooks and stuff for school since that starts TOMORROW.

I'm uncertain about this crazy week. We're supposed to get a big snowstorm tomorrow, a polar vortex again on Weds (of course the night I'm supposed to count the homeless outside for 4 hours), school (maybe it will get cancelled tomorrow? I could use an extra not late day this week) and then off on Thursday which is great but will throw off my schedule (count ends at 3am so I get to sleep in on Thurs but not too much to mess up my sleep schedule). Then wedding weekend. I'm a little overwhelmed since I'm still sick and I have no idea when or how I'm going to get to the gym this week. Ugh.

I hate being down and out.

Until next time...


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