Friday, February 14, 2014

It Is Tradition

I think at least 3 out of the 4 years I've had this blog, I've written a post on or about Valentine's Day. So, in keeping with the literary tradition, here we are.

We're all recovering from Winter Storm Pax, which completed inundated Philly with snow, sleet, ice, frozen name it. While walking to work I had to nearly wade through 5 inch deep slush puddles. The city is a mess. Snow, ice, limited parking, thick icy sidewalks are everywhere. Just this morning, there was a 50 car pileup on the Pennsylvania turnpike. So, I'm not sure how many people are in the lovey dovey mood. Most people are just sore from all the shoveling.

Alas it is Valentine's Day. Going with the adopted attitude "Love Hard and Love Fully," I'm here in a pink sweater with a purple bracelet. I had my cupid's choice donut this morning. My dad surprised me by mailing this hilarious singing Valentine's Day frog and a beautiful new watch to my work. That was really great. :-) I'm going to the gym after work because let's face it...I'm in love with City Fitness. Then I'm going to cook a delicious meal of fish and asparagus, drink some wine (already popped it in the fridge for tonight) and watch Valentine's Day in sweatpants. Sounds like a great day of love to me.

For me, it is not a single and alone kind of blues that makes me go into celebration overdrive on Valentine's Day. At least not this year. I think it is more this sort of knowledge that I can't have what I want. Perhaps also, a sort of resentment at the "be brave and tell someone you love them if you truly do" and "love prevails" attitudes. Because, no matter how glamorized those actions are, they often have disastrous consequences. The "don't give up on someone if you love them," philosophy is magnificently flawed. Love is a beautiful and wonderful thing, but it can also be crippling and damaging when you believe these tiresome mantras. It doesn't always work out and waiting and loving with everything you've got probably won't turn things around into the direction you hoped for. Just saying.

Love yourself first. Love hard and fully. Be mindful of your heart and don't let opportunities fly by because you're so fixated on not giving up on someone or even something.

Until next time....

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