Friday, February 7, 2014

I Write Things

Holy mother of February! Can't believe we're meeting so soon! It seems like yesterday that I was sitting in an art studio, drinking pink wine out of a stolen cup while trying to paint an exploding champagne bottle. However, that was 36 days ago. Sheesh.

Life continues to move at the speed of light. I hear that is what happens when you get older. You blink and 10 years have gone by or something along those lines. I'm gradually getting situated into my new routine. It is a bit difficult with bursts of snowstorms messing up my plans, but I'm trying to make it work. Looks like my gym evenings are typically Tuesday, Thursday, sometimes Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I have to work on meal planning though. Silly me thought I could live off my Super Bowl leftovers for a week. I did, sort of, but I was lacking key essential things such as more vegetables. I haven't had a green smoothie in about two weeks! Got to get back on that wagon. I haven't been eating badly, I just haven't been eating enough of the great for you stuff.

I'm grateful for a somewhat quiet weekend coming up. Lately it seems that I've got things popping left and right, and that holds true for the next couple weeks. Fortunately it is just a produce and homework kind of weekend with some gym and cleaning mixed in. Whew! Much needed.

Last night I went to my gym's member appreciation party. Which is hilarious because a) I really should have been at the gym instead and b) I've only been a member for less than a month and I'm already being "appreciated." Regardless, it was fun. They had an ice bar, an open bar, good music, the Olympics were on...all in all a good time. It was interesting, seeing the mix of people that were there. I even met a yoga instructor who double's as a magician's assistant and was even on America's Got Talent! Pretty cool.

Still writing. Got my column assignment tonight. I'm checking out an artist who draws little oil paintings on trashed soda and beer cans. I'm interested to see her work. This weekend I'm writing a review on "Philomena" (seriously one of the best movies I've ever seen) and a comedy article. Those two are for class but I can always shop that work out if I want. Got two out of three professors signed on for my comprehensive exams. One more to go! Then I schedule, sign and meet. I'm trying to take them the week before Easter.

I really need to write an essay about the PIT count and send it to Axis Philly, see what they have to say about that experience. Maybe I'll escape my lair for a bit this weekend and cozy up with some ice coffee at Starbucks. I suppose I could add that to the lax agenda of the weekend. I notice I'm making lists and agendas more in an effort to stay more organized. It seems to be working (duh) and I will probably continue this habit.

Happy Friday!

Until next time...

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