Monday, March 2, 2015

March Madness

After compiling a personal schedule and a work schedule for the month of March, it became apparent that this is going to be one crazy month. That's right, March Madness and it has nothing to do with basketball. (Same as last March if you remember that post!) 

I've got eight late nights, a conference, three special events, a training, at least two articles due for one publication (waiting for the confirmation about more) and oh, did I mention I'm training for a 15K race and am a new dog mom? 

I have yet been able to get on a strict running schedule at the gym. The outdoors are way too treacherous with slush, sleet, snow and ice making walking difficult let alone running. I'm supposed to be running for at least a half hour to 45 minutes 3-4 times a week. I've yet to do it and the race is two months away. 

I finally unpacked the office of my apartment and put some wall hangings up in my bedroom. The living room continues to remain a work in progress. I still have to purchase a daybed frame and unpack one corner of the living room. I got to do a nice thorough cleaning of the place so for that I am thankful but I'm still not completely moved in. 

Bronx, my fur child has developed kennel cough. The poor buddy started out with some sneezies and it developed into a full blown hacking, gagging, sometimes reverse sneezing cough. He keeps me up at night with his sicky noises and I wish I could do more to make him feel better besides giving him his cough meds and an occasional teaspoon of honey. He's only been with me a week! Other than the cough, he did great at the vet. All of my concerns were proven to be normal things. He is a healthy and happy puppy, he just needs to beat this cough. 

So I'm still adjusting to dog mom life and trying to figure out where I can squeeze out more hours in the day. I could get up earlier but our sidewalks have been pure icy and we have to wait for it to melt a little before it is safe to go outside. I go to bed early but it doesn't matter, I wake up all hours of the night. 

Got to find a happy medium! There is work to be done!

Until next time... 

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