Thursday, April 23, 2015

We Run This

Well folks, I'm staying in Broad Street. That's right in a little over a week I'm going to run (and let's face it walk a little) 10 whole miles with 40,000 other runners and my friend Erin (who is in way better shape than me). I've never done a race like this before. Training didn't go so well due to weather and major life changes (let's move to a new apartment and get a dog in the dead of winter, shall we?) But I'm staying in. I'm going to do it. My legs will be taped up with KT tape and my calves will be comfortably compressed with my compression sleeves that say "Run Happy." I'm going to carry a piece of paper in my pocket that reads "MY PR IS TO FINISH" and hold it up whenever I need extra encouragement. I'm going to hold my fingers up to mark every mile. I'm going to do this. 

I have to admit I'm pretty excited. My goal is to finish in 2:20. I'll take 2:30 if I have to but if I go over 2:30, I'm going to feel like a bit of a lame duck, personally. I run a decent 12 min mile, 13 when I'm tired. I don't think my miles creep toward 15. For an overweight asthmatic with bad knees, that's not too shabby.

Then we're going to do it all again (sort of) a week later at the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 5K on Mother's Day. haha I race every year so that should be a good time. Maybe it won't be as hard because the week prior I will have destroyed 10 miles (hopefully). 

Mind you, I'm not suddenly a hard core marathon runner chick. I actually HATE running. I'm so bad at it. My form is crap and my lungs don't like it, but I do it because races are fun. The crowd's energy feels amazing and it is such a rewarding feeling when you cross that finish line after pushing yourself to the limit. I think after Komen I'm set for a few months and going to focus on biking and strength training. 

I'm hoping to stop by the gym by my work before next weekend to see the juice bar guy that works there. About a year ago he told me to do Broad Street. I told him I'd cross the finish line when people were cleaning up the running cups. He said he'd be right behind me with his bum knee. I don't know if he is doing it but he believed in me. I want him to know I'm in it and it is going to be awesome. 

Send good vibes my way! 10 miles is a lot of ground to cover. It is gonna be epic!

Until next time...

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