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When is a Change Gonna Come?

I miss graduate school. I felt like I was working toward something. Now I just feel like I'm waiting for something. There is a certain element of satisfaction you get when you are actively working toward a goal. You can see the tangible progress. You know you're getting closer to an accomplishment. But when you're waiting for something to happen, you have no choice but to distract yourself with other, little goals and wait. You're static. You sit. You wait. You hope and then lose hope and then hope again because it feels better than being hopeless.

I've been in survival mode lately. I think I've just about adjusted to dog mom life. I know Bronx's needs and I meet them accordingly. He's a great dog and even though he exhausts me sometimes, I totally can't picture life without him now. I'm so glad I rescued him and based on the intensity of his affections, he's pretty glad too.

The survival comes from battling spring sickies and trying to keep my head above water with work. I'm slated to run Broad Street in May but have developed an intense pain in both legs. I'm worried it might be a stress fracture which means I can't run. I'm doing a 5K this weekend to see how it goes. If I'm in too much pain I'm going to have to back out of the Broad Street Run. That is something I DO NOT want to do, but I obviously can't run 10 miles if I can't run 3.

I should probably stick to writing things.

In the spirit of needing little goals while I wait on the big ones. I've started a list of the new goals for this first half of 2015:

1. Bought a french press...going to make cold brew coffee with it. Why? Because it's delicious.
2. Attempt to do living room yoga 3 mornings a week...then enjoy cold brew coffee.
3. Train Bronx to do more tricks because he's a smart Boxer and needs to be mentally stimulated
4. Learn 3 new recipes a month. I have an actual oven now and I'm not afraid to use it
5. Get back to learning how to code websites

Sounds like a good start. Baby goals since my two major goals have been met (Apt in South Philly and Bronx the Boxer).

Still hoping for that journalism job. Ah, and my green Kia Soul. But I'm willing to push the car goal back to 2016.

Until next time...


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