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Revisiting "The Courage to Change The Things I Can"

As 2014 came to a close I began wondering what kind of resolution I'd make for 2015. 2014 had been a pretty epic year. I graduated from Temple with my MJ, ran some really good races, got exceptional high pass on my comprehensive exams, visited Boston. Good year. So, if you've been following along you know I designated 2015 to be the year where I find "the courage to change the things I can." 

January was rough. It made me sit down and think about what I have control over and what aspects in my life are completely out of my control. My one bedroom apartment in Center City was beginning to feel small. I really wanted a dog. I wanted to live in a neighborhood where people actually talked to you. I wanted an oven so I could cook actual casseroles and eat them throughout the week. After four years, it was time to move. 

I haphazardly looked up some Craigslist ads and found two apartments in South Philly, the neighborhood I wanted to move to. The first apartment was a little too small (smaller than my Center City place) and the second apartment was huge. So at the beginning of February I had moved to a two bedroom apartment with a brand new kitchen, roof access, and it was pet-friendly. 

South Philly apartment. Check. 

The next step was getting the dog. After two failed adoption situations I wanted to give up. But ever the stalker I found Brutus in Stroudsburg. After some phone calls and e-mails they put him on hold. I remember when they brought him out of the kennel. He was so wiggly and happy. I don't know if he knew what was about to happen but he certainly seemed happy about it. I loaded him into the back of the rental car and he started doing flips. It was the scariest drive of my life because it started to snow but we made it home safely. It was the end of February and I had my Boxer dog, Bronx Brutus Rodabaugh. 

South Philly apartment. Check. Boxer dog named Bronx. Check. 

I adjusted to dog mom life and continued to search for journalism jobs. I was nearing my one year anniversary of graduating and really wanted to find full-time journalistic employment before dust began to collect on my diploma. It was hard, very hit or miss. I began to realize that the journalism job was one of those things that were out of my control. Sure, I could apply everywhere but it was up to so many different factors and people to decide if I got the job or not. What else could I change? 

My commute to work was getting longer. If I missed the trolley I could be 15-20 minutes late. If the trolley was late I'd get home late. Bronx was being left alone for 10-11 hours a day. Originally he was an angel with other dogs and I was going to enroll him in once a week doggy daycare. However my angel warmed up to life and now is very vocal around other dogs. He still wags his tail but he gets so excited his vocalizations come off as aggression to other dog owners. We have to avoid most dogs to avoid "a scene." No doggy daycare for Bronx. He does well in the apartment, no accidents or anything but I can't imagine how hard that is for him, being alone for so long. 

So we have a crappy commute on public transportation and a dog who is alone too long. Oh, and you can forget doing things after work. Happy hour? Got to let the dog out. By the time I get home and let him out and hop back on SEPTA to get to happy hour, it is over. Not Bronx's fault but I was feeling restricted. 

Time to look at cars. I had my heart set on a green Kia Soul. I've wanted one for two years and have been hellbent on getting that car. I found one in Jenkintown and decided to make the moves to potentially purchase a car. I haven't owned a vehicle since 2009. I've driven rental cars or my mom's car when she comes up to visit but that is it. 

Dead set on the green Kia Soul I was surprised to find myself drawn to a black Kia Soul after test driving both. Long epic story short, I bought the black one! It had double the mileage of the green but was in really good condition. It FELT like my car. For women, you know when you're prom dress shopping or wedding dress shopping and you find THE ONE? It was like that. The car and I just fit together perfectly. I didn't get that feeling with the green one I thought I'd be buying. 

Five hours later I'm driving off the lot with her. 

I've named her "Sasha Fierce." It started as a joke in my head and now I can't picture myself naming her anything different. She is a 2012 Kia Soul with low miles and is in excellent condition. I find myself looking outside my apartment window looking at her or finding excuses to walk Bronx past her just so I can stare at my car. I can't believe it. I own a car. It still hasn't sunk in yet. 

This morning as I drove to work, the trolley, MY trolley pulled up next to me. I smiled. It was a perfect moment. I felt so grateful to be in my nice smelling air conditioned car. The best part? I rolled into work right on time. 

Sasha Fierce and I are going to have a very happy life together. I can only imagine the adventures we're going to have. 

Until next time...


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