Sunday, May 31, 2015

Life Update No Updates

Hey everyone. Nothing much is really happening. I've been adjusting and enjoying life with a motor vehicle. Bronx and I went down to Virginia last weekend to visit my parents. We had a great time and Bronx loved the "country." He got to run around and lay by screen doors all day. I just tried to rest and relax and plan my next goal. 

No news on the job front. I have a few applications out but I'm not getting my hopes up. I'm not trying to be a pessimist but I know I'm trying to enter a dying field without an internship to show for it. I can either work for below living wage, try to take on an unpaid internship in addition to my full-time job, or keep hoping and praying something will come along. Why did I have to fall in love with Journalism? Couldn't I have picked something more lucrative like accounting or law? haha No regrets. 

I've got some fun things planned for June including a Phillies game where they're giving out "Runner's Shirts" for those who completed the Broad Street Run and I'm going to see Train, The Fray and Matt Nathanson next weekend. I'm pretty excited about the concert since I've been wanting to go for months when I first heard about it. I'm also hoping to take Bronx up north to the Poconos for some hiking if we ever get a cooler weekend day. It seems that Philly just skipped over Spring and went right into Summer. Bronxie doesn't tolerate the heat very well so we got to be careful. 

In other news, I just started watching this show called "Chasing Life." It's about a girl who is 24 and finds out she has leukemia. The catch is she's a "floater" for "The Boston Post" which I swear is set at the Globe because the setting looks just like the Globe (I've been there). So she's trying to break her first real story to get promoted to a staff member. She's also dating a hot coworker and trying to be the support system for her mother and troubled little sister. She finds out she has cancer from her estranged uncle who is a pediatric oncologist and keeps putting off treatment because "it's not a good time."

The show is interesting because it takes a look at this fictional yet possibly close to reality, cut-throat world of journalism. It makes me laugh thinking I could have secured a staff position with the Boston Globe because I sent in an application and toured the Globe a week later. I'd be lucky enough to be considered for a "floater" position. What do "floaters" do? They get great stories and take notes on them for senior staff to write up and publish. I don't know if that is how the Globe works but I do know you have to be prestigious as hell to be considered for a byline. That's the journalism world and I am the water boy. 

That's about all for now. I'm headed out in a bit to see Pitch Perfect 2 and squeezing in a workout before relaxing this Sunday evening. Got a busy work week ahead. 

Until next time... 

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