Monday, July 13, 2015

Jittery July

This month is proving to be quite stressful. First, my workplace is being evaluated by a trauma-theory Institute to see if we have indeed reached accreditation with them. For two days two assessors will inspect every facet of our program to determine if we are worthy of certification. Personally, I think we will be certified. We've done everything from paint the white hallways fun colors to increasing signage, preparing a structured but relaxed schedule and provided multiple opportunities to see just how we run things around here. It doesn't make it any less stressful. Especially because I liaison for an outside group coming the same day the assessors arrive. And that group has requested a mandated attendance of 3. You see, we don't mandate anything at our agency. I'm hopeful I have at least 3 families and that I can do well with my four to five pieces of the evaluation process. 

Tack on the final countdown to my 10 year high school reunion that I'm planning. Enthusiasm is up and many people are interested and excited to go. The problem is people are waiting, in true Eastern Shore fashion, to pay at the last possible minute. That makes for a nervous MA. I'm sure, just like the work certification, that we'll have a nice turnout and a grand ole' time. But the pressure is on until I submit my final headcount. I need numbers! I'm getting them but at a turtles pace. It should be a nice reunion though. 

Thankfully at the conclusion of this jittery month, I'm going on a week-long vacation to the Poconos with my family and Bronx gets to tag along too. Five days of no humidity, swimming, hiking, eating junk, drinking margaritas and just enjoying nature. I can't wait. It will be the respite I need after this mess. 

There are other little pin balls of anxiety in my life too. My mantra for the week is this:

What are we not gonna be? ANXIOUS!
What are we going to be? SUCCESSFUL, PRODUCTIVE and FOCUSED!

I was literally shouting these things in the car on my way to work. Just got to focus and breathe. Everything will work out great. 

Until next time...

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