Friday, July 24, 2015

Little Accomplishments

The past two weeks have been peppered with little accomplishments. Last week I helped our agency get Sanctuary Certified! I contributed by giving our assessors tours, participating actively in case management meetings and teaching my weekly class about feelings and feeling poems. It was exhausting and the pressure was on ALL of us, but we did it. Took three years but now Drueding is Sanctuary Certified. It is a big deal and we are relieved. 

As I recovered from that I got invited to a luncheon on behalf of one of my volunteer's. She had received a grant for our agency to help purchase enrichment materials for our school age tutoring programs. I got to go to a nice lunch with her, and speak for a video that will promote our program and volunteer opportunities throughout the community. Being on camera made me realize how much I love the media/journalism world. I had the communications crew cracking up and delivered a solid, flawless, no stutter answer sequence to the questions. I even kept my right hand steady since I was holding the mic pack and they didn't want to see that on the camera. I loved it. 

Feeling accomplished from that I cruised through the week. On Weds I managed to grill on a charcoal grill for the first time. I had to feed our families for an awards ceremony that I host quarterly. Nervous as hell, I had a coworker help me fire up the grill. I can grill I just never used charcoal before. I'm more a gas grill kind of girl. Well, low and behold the food came out perfect, we had barely any leftovers, the building did not burn down and I felt really good about the whole experience. Especially because I was anxious all day about it. 

The last little accomplishment is that I finally perfected my recipe for cold brew coffee. I am addicted to the stuff and it costs $3-$4 a cup. So I set out to make my own via French Press. Cold brew coffee steeps longer, is stronger and less acidic on your stomach. With the perfect combination of half and half and simple syrup, it makes a creamy and smooth flavorful breakfast beverage. It took three attempts, a coffee grinder, special beans, regular half and half and a new simple syrup to create the perfect brew. I love it. I was so happy drinking it on my way to work this morning you would have thought I got a journalism job. haha

Upcoming is my 10 year high school reunion next weekend. Attendance is looking good and I'm getting really excited about the whole affair. Then I get a nice long vacation to relax after a lot of hard work and mini accomplishments. TGIF!

Until next time...

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