Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Getting Closer to Everything

Huge sigh of relief. I, as well as some of my fellow classmates, managed to secure 51 individuals to attend our 10 year High School Reunion! That is a great turnout for an equally great event. All the prepwork is done, party favors have been created/bought (just need to assemble gift bags). My DJ is an alumni and he's confirmed and everything is just waiting to go down. I can finally say I'm excited about the event now that the whole attendance situation has settled. There are a lot of great people going, many of whom I haven't seen in 10 years! Plus my three closest high school friends will be there as well so our little crew is reuniting for a weekend. I've got a really cute dress, matching toenails (pedicure this past weekend) and have a good idea of how the evening is going to go. After all, I'm am the emcee!

Once the reunion is over, I have one day to collect my thoughts before driving up to the Poconos for a week-long vacation with my family. I'm excited Bronx gets to attend all of these things. There are many times when I'm doing something fun outside and I think "I wish Bronx were here." Yep, I have an unnatural obsession with my dog. This morning he jumped on the bed to wake me up and sat on my arm. Sat. On. My Arm. For a good five minutes too!

There are some important opportunities on deck that I'll post about if they come to fruition. All I can say is I feel like finally things are falling into place. I am going to be a contributor for another writing outlet and I'm feeling positive and well, a bit hopeful about the future. 

As I mentioned before, I've been working on perfecting my cold brew coffee recipe. As you may know, It all started with Federal Donuts coldbrew coffee. At a steep (no pun intended) three bucks a cup, I knew I had to find a way to make my own coldbrew. My first attempt with my French Press was awful, it was bitter and gross and I got discouraged. I tried Starbucks coldbrew (better than Federal actually...I could drink it black) and that is also a steep price. So I finally caved and tried with my French Press again. Ground beans didn't do a good job. My cold brew was lackluster. So I went out and bought whole beans, coffee grinder, half and half and made my own simple syrup. IT WORKED! The process takes a whole five minutes to prepare. Then I pop the French Press in the fridge for 12 hours and the next morning I have a delicious cup of strong, flavorful, less acidic coffee. 

Today I made my best batch yet. It was perfect. Seriously. 

Here's to getting a little closer to everything!

Until next time...

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