Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Whirlwind Tour of August

Today is August 11th. There are 31 days in August. We are on the 11th day. When did that happen? August has always been a good month for me, mainly because my birthday is August 24th. I've got some fun plans with good people in store for that birthday weekend. Sadly my actual natal day is on a Monday. I'll make the best of it though. 

Where do we start? Well, the reunion I suppose. I coordinated/planned/shelled out my own cash and collected cash to pull of Nandua High School's Class of 2005 10 Year Reunion. It was an anxiety inducing process but at the end of it all, the reunion turned out well. I had some no-shows and we didn't have the faculty guests we expected (which proved to be a huge bummer). However, everyone had a great time. It was so good to see some people I haven't seen in 10 years! Almost every knew about Bronx and many asked about him. haha It was like he was my son for real. 

The highlight of Reunion Weekend was undoubtedly the night prior to the big event. I drove down to my friend Heather's house where me and my three high school best friends got together like old times. Heather asked if I needed directions but I knew the way like the back of my hand. The four of us and Heather's fiance sat out on the back deck surrounded by tiki torches while reminiscing about the good times. It was great to be with them again. So, great that I made them pose for this picture so we could recreate a moment from 10 years ago. 

The bottom photo was taken at Paradiso Pizza, a now defunct pizza joint on the way to Maryland. The top photo was us now, 10 years later on Heather's back deck. We didn't nail the poses exactly but you get the point. I am absolutely in love with this photo. The top photo is my Facebook cover photo. "The four best friends...la de da da."

Hot off the heels of my reunion I washed Sasha Fierce (my car) and got ready to head back to Philly for a hot second before continuing north to the Poconos for my family vacation. Unfortunately on I-95 in Delaware Sasha Fierce took a rock to the face (pebble to the windshield) and it cracked. Now I have to get her fixed. That is not nearly as bad as what happened to my parents who blew an RV tire on the way up to the campground, got it fixed, bought a new tire and then proceeded to blow ANOTHER tire on the way home a week later. Sigh They're doing well and glad to be back home in Virginia but the RV is going to need some help and some brand new tires. 

Vacation was nice. I could have used more sleep but I did enjoy lounging around and swimming in the pool. We went hiking in Bushkill with Bronx and he loved it! I also went stand up paddleboarding for the first time. I got lessons on the Delaware River and was able to stand and paddle around! I didn't fall in (though the water was really clear so I don't think I'd mind if I did). 

We had a wonderful time. I came back to Philly Sunday night, exhausted. I'm still exhausted on this Tuesday August 11th. I need a vacation after vacation. haha 

Some other awesome stuff is I'm now a contributor for MOGUL, a website dedicated toward providing news and stories for women readers across the globe. I've published three stories so far and they're doing well. I enjoy the carefree nature of MOGUL. Elite Daily edits your work and Thought Catalog is like an exclusive nightclub you have to beg to write for free for. MOGUL lets you post whatever you want, no edits, no approvals. Granted I don't post controversial or crappy content, I just like knowing that when I hit publish it does that...publishes. This outlet has provided me with a place to let my creative juices flow, especially in the world of Humor Articles. I look forward to posting more stories in the future. 

So, on deck we've got more wishing, hoping, praying for new opportunities. We've got Mary Anna's Non-Monday Birthday Bash. We've got a serious fitness plan and motivation. I've got to get kickboxing again and find time to start training for next years Broad Street Run. We've got the sadness that comes with the plethora of Back to School ads. I miss school. We've got a new writing outlet. We've got social media information dissemination. Good stuff but the stressful month of July is finally over!

Until next time....

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