Thursday, February 25, 2016

What limits?

Last post, I talked about pushing and breaking my limits. My posts have been pretty fitness heavy because well, that was my main focus for 2016: health. 

On Sunday, February 21st, I did something that I have never in my 28 years been able to do. I ran a 5K without stopping to walk. I ran the whole thing and it was amazing! I was using the Run into Spring 5K as a diagnostic for the Broad Street Run. I wanted to know what I needed to work on and what running bits were doing just fine. It was a chilly morning. Fortunately everything was running on schedule. Bronx did his business quickly. I had time to eat breakfast. I arrived to the race an hour and a half early (oops). 

The race was small so I knew I'd end up in the back eventually. As the clock started we began to run. I took a slow pace so I wouldn't lose my breath so quickly. Two senior citizens passed me. I thought for sure I was last. I started to psyche myself out because it was so embarrassing to be last but I quickly realized there were a few people behind me. By mile 1 I felt pretty good and hadn't stopped to walk. I decided my focus wouldn't be speed but endurance. Typically, after Mile 1, I get so happy I ran a mile that I stop to walk. I find it very hard to pick back up and run again. So I thought...let's do this. Let's run without walking. 

By Mile 2, many of the runners had begun the loop back. I started getting high fives and thumbs up. Once again I felt that many of these runners probably thought this was my first 5K when in fact its like my 12th or something. I was still grateful for the support. By the time I reached the water station, I huffed as I grabbed my water and said "I haven't stopped to walk! This is amazing!"

I continued on my slow as hell pace. As I neared the end of Mile 2, my left knee started to hurt and my hip hurt. I wanted to walk but instead chose to stare at the yellow lines in the road and run alongside them. I let my mind wander, thinking about anything except breathing and running. It worked! I couldn't look to far ahead because I'd get discouraged and want to walk. A few people were behind me. I slow but gradually approached the finish line. I started to get emotional because I was actually going to do it. I was going to run 3.1 miles without walking. As I crossed I screamed I DIDN'T STOP TO WALK!!!! and accepted my finishers medal from a toddler. It was a huge accomplishment. 

I look like hell and maybe like I'm 45, but I did it!

Riding on the high of that accomplishment made my day perfect. I posted it on Facebook and also on RUN 215's Facebook group. By the end of the day I had almost 600 likes and 50 comments. Talk about support. 

I spent my afternoon hiking Wissahickon with my best friend and Bronx. This Sunday was also Bronx and my 1 year adoption anniversary. He loves hiking so I thought a nice hike was an appropriate way to celebrate. Turns out our total hike was 8 miles! So I ran a 5K and hiked 8 miles. Brilliant, right?

Here is me and Bronx one year ago on a cold, snowy day in February and Bronx and I now at Wissahickon. 

After that insane hike which was mildly treacherous thanks to some lovely snow/ice/mud, David and I went to our favorite buffet place to reward ourselves for such a fit day. It was delicious. 

I took Monday off in advance so I could recover from my spike in physical activity. I spent the day doing laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping and made sure I got a pedicure and did some yoga too. It was a perfect way to set the tone for the week ahead. I'm so grateful I did because come Tuesday morning some major changes occurred at my job and I received a heaping pile of new responsibilities. It has been an exhausting but exciting week. 

I feel strong. I really do. To prepare to Broad Street, I'm going to participate in 2 5 mile races in March. That should help me build up my mileage and determine what exactly happens after 3 miles. 

What an amazing weekend. It was perfect. 

Until next time...

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