Sunday, June 9, 2013

I am feeling....

....inspired and hopeful. I've been stuck in a nice summer routine of kickboxing, chores, work, and naps with a little bit of socialization sprinkled in between. I need to keep learning or writing or striving for things. I can't just take a break because it is summer. My mind needs to be stimulated. I've resorted to reading the Briefing on Media Law in my old AP Stylebook as a refresher and prep for my Media Law class coming up this fall. I also finished reading the 50 Shades of Grey Triology so now I can move on to more um....mentally stimulating material. Much like Twilight, E.L. James leaves little to the imagination and does all the work for you through her words. Not an active read. Somewhat compelling story.

I might have to make flashcards of important court cases related to media developments throughout history. Oh, and take up USA Today Crossword Puzzles again, I used to be able to beat them in 15 minutes or less.

Despite being stuck in routine and mental dullness, I'm quite happy and hopeful that things are about to change. We're halfway through, and I still think that 2013 is one of my best years yet.

Until next time...

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