Wednesday, June 19, 2013

With Every Loss Comes Growth of Resilience

Resilience: an ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change.

This is a quality that I see within myself. So much so that I've contemplated getting the word "Resilient" inked into my side. With every great loss, resilience is born. If you are not crippled, defeated, destroyed by grow, you adjust, you build upon your inner strength.

I've seen this quality in a lot of people I care about lately. Now, more than ever, seems to be a time of difficult moments for my loved ones. Our agency suffered it's fourth client death in the past four years. Several of my dearest friends are battling the darkest of demons and trying to be strong for those they care for. Someone is struggling to find a meaningful relationship yet is paralyzed by personal expectations and criticisms. Someone is a universal rock who needs a rock of their own right now. Someone faces an uncertain fate which could alter the course of their life forever.

I'm proud to call these people my friends, colleagues and even family. They're fighting for those they love, for what they deserve and for what the believe in. Their strength is inspiring.Their conviction a blueprint for many. They are everyday heroes determined to rise above the ashes of their personal traumas.

As for me, I wish I could bear their load and take away their pain. However, that old story of the caterpillar/butterfly comes to mind:

           A man stumbled across a butterfly struggling to break free of its cocoon. It didn't look like it would be able to rip through the walls. The man decided to help it along and set it free. He grabbed his knife and gently cut a hole in the cocoon. The butterfly flew out and died that day. The man did not understand why the butterfly died. In truth, the butterfly had to learn how to break out on its own, therefore making it stronger and able to survive. 

So I just support them and fight my own fights as I try to find innovative ways to help these great people through their battles. I won't cut their cocoon open, but I will offer suggestions and encouragement along the way. 

Until next time...

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