Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Time Has Come/I've Arrived!!!

It finally happened. It took a year and a half. There was a lot of tears. I ate horrible things. I drank...a lot. I sat on my roof and looked to the sky thinking there has got to be more than life than this. I wrote about existing instead of living. I got rejected...A LOT. I got my hopes up and watched them crash and burn. I felt stuck. It was an awful feeling. 

Then I got unstuck. Nothing is at random. 

I finally have a full-time paid journalism job. I'm going to be the Social and Digital Media Manager for the health system I currently work for. The ENTIRE health system. I'm going Corporate! 

The process took a little over a month. It felt like forever during the wait but now it seems like everything happened quickly. I applied, was the first interviewed. Waited for the rest of the applicants to go through. I checked back. I got a 2nd interview. I got an HR audition. They called me with an offer that afternoon. I accepted. 

This new position will be a major life upgrade to me. I will be able to develop a sound financial nest egg, I'll be doing what I love and I'll be doing it for an organization I believe in. Ironically, my office is in the same building I had my RMC volunteer program interview just 6 years ago. Talk about full circle!!!

This new major life development has already made quite the effect on me. I'm happier. I've been diligently working out. I've been running and kickboxing and trying hard to eat healthy. My skin is glowing. I swear my teeth are whiter. I'm more social. This past holiday weekend I took Bronx out for a 3 mile hike! He also got Rita's water ice so he had a fantastic weekend. 

For the first time in a long time, I feel like I am in total control of my life. I'm unstuck and heading in the direction I always wanted to head. I get to do journalism and a little marketing full-time and get paid a nice salary for it! I get to work in a new environment that has traces of familiarity. My new supervisor is really excited to have me on the team and that feels awesome knowing I was first draft pick. 

I did it. In 2015, I got an apartment in a rowhome in South Philly. I adopted a Boxer and named him Bronx. I bought a used Kia Soul. I secured a full-time paid journalism job. I have arrived. 

Until next time...

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