Friday, March 27, 2015


March went by in a blur. An epic blur. I'm beginning to see how my life is like a cyclical calendar. I mean, all of our lives are like cyclical calendars but there are various routine events that happen each and every year at the same exact time. 

For example, last Friday I attended my 6th annual DVAEYC conference. It was fun because I also wrote about it for Generocity. Plus I got up and close photos of PA Governor Tom Wolf so there's that. The following day I had my 6th Stairway to Our Future, a large fundraising gala that raises money for my work. It is routine events like this that make me go "oh, it's that time of year again" in my head. In fact, last year's March post was also entitled March Madness. See? Routine. The Same. Cyclical. Predictable. 

Lately I've been trying to really accept this notion:
"Stability is important, but not at the sacrifice of happiness. Take a risk and pursue what's really important to you."

I know a few people who actually did that. They quit stable, high paying, secure jobs and began doing what they wanted to do with their life. They seem happy, even in the chaos of living paycheck to paycheck. I'm beginning to think that maybe that life is for me too. 

My time at my current job has taught me many things. If it wasn't for Drueding, I wouldn't have been able to afford my center city apartment or gone to graduate school. I wouldn't have made lasting friendships (even though many of those friends quit and moved away we still talk). I wouldn't have had the opportunity to comfortably freelance for other media outlets. 

I think I've maximized my growth here. There is no room for promotion other than personal promotion by serving on committees, which I already do (many of them). I could brainstorm new projects but that just adds work to my plate not development to my professional growth. Sure I can afford food for me and my dog and I have really good health insurance but at the end of the day I don't feel quite as fulfilled as I once did. I get more joy out of writing, or interviewing, or seeing my work published than I do after a long day of social work, even if a client told me I made a difference in their life. 

So I guess the point is, I'm at a static phase. I'm trying to make moves to "take a risk and pursue what's really important to you," As always that risk taking comes with an epic waiting game. A game I've been losing quite a bit at lately. But I'm not giving up. 

Until next time... 

Monday, March 9, 2015

Adventures of a Dog Mom

There are a few things I have learned since becoming a Dog Mom less than one month ago.  One is that Bronx Brutus and I can not go for a walk without at least one person identifying him by breed. That's right, almost every walk someone makes a Boxer comment. He has been called Boxerface, Boxerman, Boxergram, Boxer name it. Everyone loves a Boxer. They are amazing dogs, smart...loyal...funny...and exuberant.

Bronx has adjusted to my apartment nicely. He absolutely loves his bed. LOVES it. Whenever I look for him when he is not in the same room as me, he is in his bed. He also is a huge cuddlebutt, which is why I wanted a Boxer specifically. I mean any chance he gets he will sit on me, curl up in my lap, sleep on me, snuggle next to me, put his paws on my legs...etc. He loves to be up on me and I love that about him. 

He displayed impeccable manners when I first brought him home. Now his true colors are showing. He's not bad by any means but he's showing his "comfort" level with me. Yesterday we were walking and he got so excited he tried to bite on his leash. That is puppy behavior! He also begs a little bit (we're working on it) and loves to jump up on people. It's so cute because it is a very controlled and deliberate jump but we can't have that. I don't want him jumping up on kids. So no jumping. At first he was really good with other dogs. Now he's getting to be a bit of a bully. I'm going to have to socialize him more to teach him that other dogs are friend not foe. He got in a fight at the dog park the other day and I had to drag him through the mud to get out after an embarrassing showing of Alpha Male. 

If he can't get it together and play nice with other pups, we may not be able to take advantage of doggy daycare. Which means he will be stuck in my apartment for hours on end 5 days a week. :-( 

He likes his food. I had him on Nature's Recipe limited ingredient easily digestible food. Then I put him on Nutro same deal. He happily gobbles up both but I think he likes the Nutro better so we are sticking with that. 

His favorite toy is his treat ball. He rolls it around the apartment and it dispenses treats at random. He could play with that thing for hours. Loves it! He also has bonded with a stuffed snowman and his heart toy I brought him home with. It says "puppy love." 

I will say being accountable for another living creature 24/7 is a major adjustment but I wouldn't change it for the world. I absolutely love him. He makes me laugh. (He stares at stuff cooking in the oven if I put the light on). He is full of energy (but not destructive). He is a clown dog for sure. 

There will be more to learn though! 

Until next time...

Monday, March 2, 2015

March Madness

After compiling a personal schedule and a work schedule for the month of March, it became apparent that this is going to be one crazy month. That's right, March Madness and it has nothing to do with basketball. (Same as last March if you remember that post!) 

I've got eight late nights, a conference, three special events, a training, at least two articles due for one publication (waiting for the confirmation about more) and oh, did I mention I'm training for a 15K race and am a new dog mom? 

I have yet been able to get on a strict running schedule at the gym. The outdoors are way too treacherous with slush, sleet, snow and ice making walking difficult let alone running. I'm supposed to be running for at least a half hour to 45 minutes 3-4 times a week. I've yet to do it and the race is two months away. 

I finally unpacked the office of my apartment and put some wall hangings up in my bedroom. The living room continues to remain a work in progress. I still have to purchase a daybed frame and unpack one corner of the living room. I got to do a nice thorough cleaning of the place so for that I am thankful but I'm still not completely moved in. 

Bronx, my fur child has developed kennel cough. The poor buddy started out with some sneezies and it developed into a full blown hacking, gagging, sometimes reverse sneezing cough. He keeps me up at night with his sicky noises and I wish I could do more to make him feel better besides giving him his cough meds and an occasional teaspoon of honey. He's only been with me a week! Other than the cough, he did great at the vet. All of my concerns were proven to be normal things. He is a healthy and happy puppy, he just needs to beat this cough. 

So I'm still adjusting to dog mom life and trying to figure out where I can squeeze out more hours in the day. I could get up earlier but our sidewalks have been pure icy and we have to wait for it to melt a little before it is safe to go outside. I go to bed early but it doesn't matter, I wake up all hours of the night. 

Got to find a happy medium! There is work to be done!

Until next time... 

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