Thursday, July 26, 2012

The MisAdventures of MA

Groupon. I love it. I'm cheap as crap. As a social worker in the poor urban jungle, I make enough money but not enough where I can afford extravagant things. Which is why if I want my hair did, or my nails painted, or to go on a trip somewhere, I rely on Groupon, Living Social, Eversave and Deal You.

Which is why when a $45 cut, blow dry and color Groupon popped up I jumped at the opportunity. I've been dying my hair a Medium Chestnut Brown for the past few months. I love it but the color fades quickly, and I think salon color might last longer. Plus girlfriend needs to cover up her five-head with some bangs. So after researching the website and the Yelp reviews, I decided to go for it!

Today I went to schedule my appointment. I'm flying down to Ashville, NC in late August to visit a bestie of mine, so I wanted to look good. Welp, an African American lady answered the phone. I was like "oh shit."

Why do you ask was I like oh shit? Because after more research it appeared that I had purchased a Groupon for a black hair salon...which specializes in ethnic hair...which my hair is not. I panicked and consulted my co-workers. The lady that answered the phone had to call me back anyway. I could imagine her saying to her coworkers "There is a white lady on the phone!"

I don't care if a black lady does my hair. I just can't get a wrap, twist or weave. :) However, the lovely Groupon featured a blond haired blue eyed white chick as the picture on the ad. Also the website and Groupon stated that the salon SPECIALIZED IN ALL HAIR TYPES AND TEXTURES. Which made me think I was included.

Long story short, they called me back and I've got an appointment for August 11th. :) They do specialize in ALL hair types, it seems. I just thought it would have been an embarrassing conversation if it was an exclusive ethnic hair salon. "Hey, I'm cheap and wanted to get in on this Groupon but didn't realize it wasn't for my type of hair."

What can I say, I'm a magnet for misfortune. At least everything worked out for the best. To make it even better, I schedule a massage for that Sunday so I'm making it a self-care weekend. Can't beat that!

Until next time....

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