Monday, October 2, 2017

Sick September A Recap

After an fantastic month of August where all the stars were aligned and life seemed damn near perfect, I entered the month of September with optimism and excitement. Labor day weekend was on its way and I started to get the sniffles. The sniffles turned into a full blown cold. The cold turned into a full blown cough. I couldn't breathe. I couldn't walk up the stairs without hacking. I was cough-peeing. It was awful. 

I finally made an appointment to see the doctor and was prescribed steroids and a fancy inhaler. A week into treatment I started to improve. The coughing got a bit less frequent but my head felt like it was going to explode from the sinus pressure. I tried Sudafed. I tried Flonase. It is now October 2nd and I'm still coughing. The pressure between my ears is very prevalent. 

I just made an appointment to see my doctor again tomorrow. I think I have a sinus infection or something. My entire immune system has been shot as of late. Even hanging with Bronx gives me mini hives on my arms sometimes. (I've had my dog for almost three years. I am NOT allergic to him).

So September, in short, was kind of a let down. I gained weight. I was sick. I felt really stressed most of the month. I did manage to squeak out a miserable 10K and try out some new fitness classes.

I did manage to have a little bit of fun with Xfinity Live's Oktoberfest, a silent disco, visiting my former neighbor who is Bronx's (stepmom), taking B on some hikes...etc. I'm just hoping October is a bit more magical than September. Also, a bit more healthy, mentally and physically. Hell, emotionally too. 

Until next time...

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