Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Eye Tracking & Brain Tracking

So you know when you're watching a fast paced event, like a hockey match or something? Well, your eyes dart back at forth, attempting to track all of the movement which is taking place. I'd like to think that your brain does that in an attempt to track all of your thoughts at any given time. But when you're thinking 1000 things and feeling at least seven different emotions at once, your brain feels like it might explode.

That sums up my current state of affairs. I've got a bike coming in that I'm going to be assembling by myself and hopefully riding by the weekend. I have various gifts to buy people. I have school starting up in three weeks. I turn 26 in 18 days. I'm entering a manuscript poetry contest which has a deadline in less than a month. My Twitter has been poppin for reasons unbeknownst to me. I'm writing almost daily. Things at work have been changing rapidly.

Also, I'm questioning whether our careful precautionary movements regarding Yemen and the Middle East/North Africa are strong preventative measures or interpreted as weakness in the eyes of the enemy. Al Qaeda probably feel like a bunch of smug puppies since their serious and credible threats are enough to shut down U.S. Embassies and clear all Americans out of Yemen. Of course I am for the safety of the American people. But I can't help thinking how this looks weak. Sure we send some drones over the "badlands" and knockout a few operatives but I would be willing to bet that despite, this Al Qaeda feels pretty strong and pretty threatening.

Lot's of thoughts. My heart is somewhere else and my brain is functioning at 56% capacity. Such is life.

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