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I Have an Unnatural Obsession With Ray-Bans

If you've noticed, I have been blogging a lot more frequently lately. The first reason behind this influx is that I've been working on increasing my writing endeavors. I've been blogging, journaling and trying to find creative writing outlets which I can send my work to. The second reason is because I like writing way more than I like my job. Writing makes me happy. Thus, when I have breaks at work, I write. Sometimes I take breaks from work to write.

Today's post is inspired by my bizarre love for Ray-Bans. I'm not really a materialistic brand girl. Yes I own a few Apple products, and yes I have a Samsung Galaxy S3. I do enjoying coveting the occasional Victoria Secret bag with the PINK label emblazoned on the front. I'd enjoy their bras more if I didn't fit the largest size they offer during the semi-annual sale aka the only time MA can afford VS bras. My jeans tend to come from places like Marshall's, Burlington Coat Factory and Ross. I refuse to pay more than $10 for a t-shirt unless its a custom made "Haters Gonna Hate" T-shirt from Cafe Press.

I was raised on the clearance rack at Kmart. I learned the value of stretching the dollar. That economical common sense lasted way into adult hood. Sure there were times when I really wanted to shop at A&F (they hate fat people btw) or own a Coach purse, but I can't justify paying a crap ton of money just for the brand name. I remember in college, a bunch of girls and I went to the outlets. One girl was in a Coach store and she held up two, nearly identical brown Coach wristlets. "They're on sale! They're only $300 a piece!"


I went though a phase where I almost bought a designer purse but I just couldn't justify spending $250 on a handbag. I could buy several cases of beer, my favorite vodka, a Phillies t-shirt, and some cute thrift store jeans and still have money left over to pay my utilities and buy groceries. I couldn't bring myself to do it.

But there is ONE BRAND that is my weakness. One brand that makes me feel invincible when I serve as a walking billboard for their product, and that brand is Ray-Ban. I remember when I bought my first pair of aviators. I got them through a deal on (Ever the thrift-saver). The typically $150 sunglasses were mailed to my dwelling (after a long and agonizing wait) at the reasonable price of $55. Yes. I paid $55 for a pair of sunglasses and I felt so grown up and proud. Gone were the days of rocking cheap $14 over-sized "bitch goggles" as an old friend used to say. I am an adult and I can afford adult things.

I wear my aviators ALL THE TIME. I also value the expensiveness of them and haven't broken them like my many cheap pairs. This is not to say that Ray-Ban is just that sturdy, because I'm pretty sure one wrong sit down accident and they'd be toast. But I care about them more because I spent so much money on them.

Which is why my obsession grew and a year later I found myself stalking deals for Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses. "I just need the Wayfarers and I'll be good. Then I can switch between the aviators and the Wayfarers!" So I found another deal. This time I paid $63 for them and they should arrive today. I'm so excited. I'm like a little kid on Christmas morning waiting for these $63 sunglasses that have the tiny little Ray-Ban insignia written on the top left corner of the glasses. (Along with Ray-Ban on the arm).

I'm trying to convince myself that this is it. I can't be dropping $50 on sunglasses. That is at least a case of beer and one of my utility bills. However while shopping for my Wayfarers (classic black) I fell in love with an orange framed Wayfarer pair with blue/grey gradient tint shades. I WANT THEM. They were $122 + shipping and no deal. I can't justify my love for that price but I can stalk the shit out of them until I find another impeccable deal that will allow me to purchase them and add them to my obsessive collection!

Until next time...


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