Friday, January 6, 2017

On Track for the New Year

It is January 6 and I'm on track. I know, a whopping six days...woo. But I feel focused and I'm ready for 2017. As you can see, Bronx Brutus is ready for the snow! We got about two inches last night but at least the roads were clear this morning. 

I start Whole30 on Monday. Bye bye dairy, grains and alcohol for 30 days. I hope I can do it! I've lost 3lbs already since I started writing down what I eat and doing twice a day weigh-ins. I wanted a baseline for weight fluctuations but I'm learning my weight is actually staying the same in the morning and night (which is good). Last night I was shocked to see 3lbs gone already. Could be water weight, but I'll take it. Any subtraction is a positive. 

I made a triumphant return to kickboxing last night. It was a rough start but I eventually found my groove. I'm going to commit to going twice a week for now, building up to three times a week. I'm trying to make sure I'm not leaving Bronx every night. He's finally settling back into our old routine! It took awhile for him to adjust to being back in Philly but I think he's okay now. 

Here's to staying on track! I'll be sure to post about the Whole30 adventure starting next week. 

Until next time...

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