Thursday, January 12, 2017

#Whole30 Day 4 but really, a Day 3 recap

So far so good. Except for the accidental cheat I had yesterday. Yes, accidental. I read that Starbucks has coconut milk and Whole30 peeps were drinking that with their coffee. As you know, I'm allowed coconut milk. I thought for sure that the Starbucks kind was going to be okay. I was terrified to try the coconut milk so I thought let's ease in by putting it in coffee. Well, it was done. I drank it on my way to work and I got a taste of the tiniest little bit of SUGAR.

So I've only been doing this a few days, but when you eliminate sugar from your diet minus the kind that comes in fruit, you NOTICE when sugar is in things. It wasn't overpowering and it wasn't a lot, but it was there. When I got to work I looked it up and found out that Starbucks' coconut milk is NOT COMPLIANT. Therefore I cheated, accidentally. 

Not going to let that little speed bump derail the challenge. I did not know. Had I known and said "screw it, I'mma order this anyway.".....than yes, I would have restarted. However, lessons learned and whatnot.

Speaking of lessons, I learned I'm eating all the foods and do not have enough foods in storage. I ran out of fruit yesterday and was dangerously close to not having a lunch prepared for today. After kickboxing, I went over to Whole Foods and had a Come to Jesus moment in the store. I've been to Whole Foods many times. I know what they are all about. I avoid them because they are so damn expensive. Well, let me tell you, their produce was cheaper than Acme! Can you believe it? Not only that, but there were so many things in the store I could eat on Whole30! 

I am now obsessed with apple chicken sausages. When I got home I scrambled some eggs and sprinkled the delicious compliant chicken morsels on top. It was the first time since starting Whole30 that I felt really satisfied before going to bed. 

Now I have an arsenal of smoked salmon, cucumbers, chicken sausage, avocado, guac, celery, BANANA CHIPS and more. Om nom nom. I'm going to get through this. 

In other news I've lost almost 8lbs since January 3rd. Cardinal rule of Whole30 is not to weigh yourself during the challenge. I weigh myself twice a day and I'm happy with what I see. Even if I gained a little back, I wouldn't be upset. So I'm breaking that rule all over the place. 

However I am not straying from the rules of the diet. I have not tried to make paleo cupcakes or find a substitute to fries or chips. I'm only drinking water and La Croix and black coffee. I'm only in Day 4 but it already feels like a lifestyle. I have a corporate lunch on Monday and I picked a place that has food I can eat. I feel like I have honest to God dietary restrictions when I'm really just following a super strict elimination diet by my own choosing. Kind of funny. 

If I had a dollar every time I happily exclaimed, "I can eat that!"

It is just the beginning.

Until next time...

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