Saturday, June 27, 2009

I don't think we're in Kansas anymore...

If you've been following along you've read all about my not so adventurous and depressing life post college. You've heard me cry about being lonely and depressed about my not so certain future. You heard me bitch about how the VA Employment Commission discriminated me because I'm educated and how I've been broke, poor, and unusually pessimistic. But, you have also been with me during the official countdown to my RMC interview. That's right the four day, three night adventure in Philadelphia, PA.

Official countdown? I leave tomorrow. :D

Assuming I don't get mugged or killed in Wilmington, DE or kidnapped in Philly, you will be able to go on this adventure and yes, it is an adventure with me. My internet access will be limited but I'll be writing down every interesting thing that happens to me in a physical journal. Upon my return I'll transcribe these accounts into blog format so you can read all about it. That means entries post July 1st will be recaps of my interview. I'm stoaked.

I'm also nervous. This is it. This is a shot at the real world. This is my calling. This is my ticket out of here. I've never been on a cross state journey by myself. I've never been to big cities by myself. I've never been on a Greyhound. (Yes I'm sheltered. The first time I flew was in March of 2008....I'm 22 in August). I just got to do my best and impress them with my charming personality. Yeah. Right.

Yesterday I went flounder fishing again. I caught 9 croaker and 4 flounder. None were keepers. My dad caught the motherload of the day. A 21 inch flounder! Keeps for sure. We caught around 62 fish between the four of us. It was a good time. Then I went to visit my friend Emily who recently beat cancer. She is doing well but she still has a long way to go. I hope her health continues to improve. So yesterday was an interesting day.

Today I got up, did laundry, did chores and packed for PHILLY! It took me almost two hours. I went through professional outfits, casual outfits, sleeping outfits, bus outfits. You get the picture. I think I finally have everything in order. Now I just wait and then I venture off to my interview! I'm currently waiting to eat some lunch and then I have to get ready for church. Mass is at the same time as I depart tomorrow so I have to drive down south to the base of the Shore to catch the 5pm Sat mass in Cape Charles.

I'll have more profound stuff later and updates on the interview!


Until next time..

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